Growing Pains For Evolution

Greetings Readers! I, Kamil Gerald returns to the excitement of blogging. I was a former blogger of Deaf Sunshine. I took a break to work on running my nonprofit, GrahamHaven Foundation and writing my memoir (Evolution of Spiritually Nakedness) full time.

The year of 2021 has been full of lessons, heartbreaks, setbacks, growth, etc, but all for the better. So with me coming back into blogging, I needed to have a different name for my platform. Growing Pains For Evolution appeared in my mind, because I was going through growing pains. I realized growing pains are a necessity for evolution.

Without pain how would we be able to grow? How would we know not to make the same mistake again? How would we know how strong we are? I felt “Growing Pains For Evolution” was the right title. During the process of growing pains, we are receiving rubies of wisdom. So with that being said, this blog will contain rubies of wisdom to get through the growing pains. It’s a journey we must all go through. Just know that pain does not last forever except the loss of a parent, child, loved one, etc. Those are pains we learn to manage/adjust to while moving forward in our life.

Let me add, you do come out of your journey stronger than when you first entered the journey. Remember you have the option to learn from the journey or run from it only to be face with it again. “You too can become a beautiful butterfly. Just enjoy the journey from within to get there!” Kamil Gerald. I came up with this quote to read to myself daily. It’s my mantra to embrace my journey of becoming the person I need to be.

May you have a productive day! Please subscribe to my blog. Until next time ask yourself what is the lesson you need to learn from your growing pains. Then embrace the lesson for it’s to help you become a better and stronger version of yourself!


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