In The Moment!

Welcome my lovely readers! How is everyone doing? I hope you’re feeling loved, appreciated, rejuvenated, motivated and so much more. As for me I’m feeling “in the moment”. I’m not dwelling on my past nor worrying about my future. I’m just “in the moment”.

Often times we are consumed with the affairs of our lives. We’re constantly on the go like an energized bunny. This and that have to be taken care of or else it’s an epic disaster. What we fail to realize is the ability to be in the moment. Instead of us sitting back and reflecting, we procrastinate. This is why our mental health goes in overdrive. We’re too busy trying to control and/or change a situation that we have no control over. Some situations have a purpose which is to change us. Other situations calls for us to be in the moment to receive the lesson. But most situations calls for us to make some changes for the better.

Let’s dig a little deeper of being in the moment. Each day is a gift to be here so why not enjoy your gifts? Why spend the day stressed out, feeling overwhelmed, depressed and all? Please tell me why, knowing we can spend the day feeling loved, appreciated, grateful, full of laughter and joy. Let me tell you something about stress. Stress is a silent killer and it causes all kinds of ailments in our body. Many didn’t know that stress is a choice. In the norm of society, when things don’t go our way we tend to stress. Instead of making a choice to stress, let’s change the narrative by asking ourselves, “okay, what can we do differently or what is the situation trying to teach me?” It’s all about responding to the situation from a different perspective.

Society has taught us to be reactive of everything as if something always has to be done. That’s never the case or else we’ll always be stressed out and burned out. We’ll always tell ourselves, “I can’t catch a break for nothing!” How can you break this horrible habit? Change your mindset! Train your mind to think positive. Look for the good in everything no matter the situation. It’s easier said than done. I know that, but once you apply it in your life, you’ll see life is much more manageable to live. It all plays into the law of attraction. Whatever you think is what you put out into the universe. The universe only responds to frequency. You can’t fool the universe with your fake mask, it knows the real you because you are energy!

You’re probably like “woooaaaaahhhh, how we’re energy?” What if I told you that you’re made of stardust infused with so many stars? That’s too deep for ya’ll. Y’all not ready for that conversation. I’ll save it for another blog topic, I promise. But back to being in the moment. Let me share what it’s like being in the moment in nature. It’s imperative to learn how to embrace nature through our five senses.

  1. Adore its beauty with your eyes.
  2. Listen to the sounds of the birds, animals, etc. with your ears.
  3. Taste the fruits/vegetables slowly absorbing the flavor within your mouth.
  4. Feel the trees, flowers, etc. with your hands.
  5. Smell the fresh air, flowers, etc. with your nose. Practice inhaling and exhaling.

Spend time with nature whether that’s having a picnic, sitting on a swing, riding a bike or going for a walk. Whatever you do, be in the moment embracing all there is to be received. Spending time with nature is also good for your overall health especially your mental health.

Wherever you are whether that’s in the movie theater, water park, home, or party, apply your five senses to be in the moment. Enjoy life to the fullest. When we’re in the moment, we’re relaxed, we’re able to think clearly and most importantly at peace. You can create your life through the power of “I can” and “I am”! It’s a different mindset and you don’t set limitations for yourself. Setting limitations for yourself is confining yourself to a box. It’s like you’re refusing to go beyond yourself to reach your highest potentials. Believe it or not, most of our dreams are accomplished when we surpass our limitations. Keep breaking those barriers boo! And keep setting the path for the next generation! So what if no is rooting for you, know that I’m rooting for you all the way babe!

Here are a few affirmations to get you started on your journey to changing the narrative of your thought process. You can come up with your own affirmations as well. When you say them, mean it and put much emphasis into it.

  1. I see the best in everyone!
  2. My life is good and full of abundance!
  3. I have the gift of life to still be here breathing!
  4. I am capable!
  5. I am enough!
  6. I can do whatever my heart desires!
  7. I am full of gratitude!
  8. Nothing can hold me down unless I let it!
  9. I got this!

If you would like for me to send you a list of life changing affirmations, please send me an email at authorkgerald@yahoo.com or comment below with your email address. Until next time my readers, I challenge you all to make the shift of changing the narrative and being in the moment. Please share how you like to be in the moment.

Love and Light!

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