Good evening my lovely readers! How are you my Dear? I hope you is full of abundance and prosperity. Have you been taking the time to be in the moment? I hope so. It’s so important to be in the moment to acknowledge yourself and what you have. It takes no more than five minutes to express your gratitude to the Universe and/or Higher Power.

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Self love is today’s blog topic. Many of us forget to love ourselves unconditionally. We’re so busy tending and loving everyone else without taking time out for ourselves. When was the last time you gave yourself a hug? When was the last time you treated yourself out to eat, to the movies, a nice hotel, spa, etc.? Please don’t tell me it’s been years since you last treated yourself out to something nice. No wondered why you feel so overwhelmed, stressed out, or depressed.

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Babe listen, if you don’t take care of yourself, who do you expect to take care of you? Don’t say the people that you’ve been there for, because 9 times out of 10 they won’t come through for you unless they are very genuine. I’m just being honest here. Seriously who do you think will take care of you how you want to be taken care of? The answer is no one but yourself!

While growing up, I struggled with loving myself. There were so many factors that played into I not loving myself how I should such as my hearing disability, being raised in foster care, weight issues (stress belly), and feeling unpretty. I relied on people to make me feel good as well as them loving me. It wasn’t until I had to walk away from a painful 10 year marriage that forced me to love myself. The journey of finding love within myself was a painful one, but well worth it. A lot of healing had to take place as well as reprogramming my mind to be opposite of the names my ex-husband called me. I realized the names he called me were a reflection of himself. Because he was suffering low self-esteem, he wanted me to suffer low-esteem with him just so he could make himself feel and look good.

Having the courage to walk away from it all was a huge accomplishment for me. I put myself first. My love of self is way more important than the emotional and verbal abuse. Love is not supposed to be abusive at all. Love protects and heal! Since I started loving myself, things has been falling in place for me. Life is so peaceful, positive, happiness, and full of joy.

Photo by Bekka Mongeau on Pexels.com

I share my story, because everyone deserves to be happy! Happiness starts within you! You are responsible for your own happiness. Anybody coming along should be an addition to your happiness. Don’t let people control your emotions or else they will dictate your actions. When you love all of you, you’ll find yourself attractive not having a care in the world. It’s so sexy/mature to be you without any regrets! Go get your nose pierced. Get that tat you always wanted. Be creative and bold, dye your hair! Choose a bold nail color! Whatever it is you wanted to do and/or try, DO IT! You won’t know until you try it! Change is good especially when you’ve been thinking out the box. Now make it happen!! When you love yourself fiercely and boldly, you’ll never do anything to sabotage your happiness/love of self ever again. Go head boo, your love is radiating! Keep spreading that sunshine! Love of self is the number one law to honor before anything else!!! Love yourself boo!! I’m clapping for you as you put yourself first!!! Keep talking positive to yourself and tell yourself you love them daily!!

Stay encouraged, loved, abundant and full of prosperity! Until next time my lovely readers make sure you take on the challenge of loving yourself daily and treating yourself to something nice!

Abundance and Prosperity,

Goddess Kamil with a K

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