Great Ra’sing my beautiful readers! How are each of you feeling? It feels good to wake up to another chance at life. A chance to do whatever it is that you needed to take care of and wanted to do. Often we forget to be grateful for life. There is a constant need to remind ourselves to not take life for granted. Enjoy all the beauty of life and what it have to offer.

Yesterday I was reading a few passages in the Simply Abundance book by Sarah Breathmach. Each passage reminded me of I needed to be grateful for what I have now. I really had to do a double take on my mindset. I was so consumed with all that was going wrong in my life. I complained about I starting over in life. I was angry and hurt. My thought process was toxic and I was pouring this kind of energy out into the universe without realizing I was attracting more negativity.

I told myself I needed to get back to being grateful for the things I have now. I could’ve been in a worse situation than I am now. I’ve learned that I cannot entertain certain conversations with people because they tend to keep the negativity going instead of speaking life and/or giving an insight of how the situation should be looked at for the betterment. This is when you really have to have a conversation with “Me, Myself, and I”. Nonetheless, I began to state all the things I’m grateful for. It does something to your brain and body. You’re feeling relaxed and appreciative. I began to feel good once again. It was a familiar feeling that I haven’t felt in so long. I truly missed it.

I was truly thankful for the Universe to wake my children and I up this grand rising to meditate. It was a huge accomplishment for me. It’s the little thing that matters. Each day I challenge you to name five things you’re grateful for. You’ll see how your whole mindset will transform for the better. Until next time readers take on the challenge of being grateful!

ASE! NTR Kamil with a K!

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