Great Ra’sing my beautiful readers! How was your day yesterday? Was you able to “abundant” throughout the day? If so, did you feel a shift of gratitude? I hope you did knowing it’s so much to be grateful for. It is with much gratitude to wake up to another day and to be able to write what comes to mind. It is with much gratitude to wake up feeling loved. Love is all around you and within you.

Let’s talk about discernment. Discernment is the ability to make a conscious informed decision that you will be able to benefit from. Many times we may find ourselves stuck in making difficult decisions. Or we may find ourselves making a sudden decision without thinking things through. Whatever the case of the decision may be, always take the time to think how the decision will benefit you even if you’re taking a calculated risk.

Remember this is your life. Only you can determine how you want to live your life based on the choices you make. You can’t get upset with anyone about how your life is at the current moment. How come? Because no one made the choices for you, but you. This is why it’s important to think before you make a decision. While you’re thinking, you’re thinking about the possible consequences of each potential decision. Don’t stop at consequences A nor B, think about possible consequences C, D, E, and F. In addition to thinking about them, weigh in the factors. This is where discernment comes in and it determines the validity of your wisdom. Wow! That’s good stuff! The validity of our wisdom is the most important trait of our characteristics.

Practice having more discernment in your life to increase your validity of your wisdom. When we listen to our discernment, wisdom comes by hearing just as knowledge is gained through the implementation of wisdom. There may be times we have been hardheaded in not utilizing our gift of discernment. As a result of our negligence we go through unnecessary stress of our circumstances. But had we listen, we wouldn’t be stressing and so forth. Remember stress is a decision. You decide if you want to stress over a situation or figure out what is the situation trying to teach you.

Now we must take great care when it comes to utilizing our gift of discernment on behalf of our children. We have a duty as earth parents to look out for their best interest whether they understand it or not. But in due time when they are of age, they’ll understand why you made the choices to protect them. We should not be negligent with our decisions regarding them. It’s imperative that we protect them from unforeseen circumstances that could affect their self esteem and so forth. Although we may not have control over what they may be exposed to, we do have control over how we can help them process the exposure. This is teaching them the gift of discernment before they become of age. We shouldn’t leave them with the task to figure it out for themselves, because it will affect them going into their adulthood. We must guide them with love, discernment, wisdom, understanding and so forth. And in most cases you’ll be put in the position to break family generational curses which is not for the weak. But break them all if it’s for the betterment! I’m rooting for you! You got this!

Everyday I’m utilizing my gift of discernment to increase the validity of my wisdom. I know when I’m up in the wee hours of the morning, I have a message to share with my readers. It’s important I share this wealth of wisdom. What I share is not just for me, but for you as well as those who you think may benefit from the message. “Rubies of Wisdom” are blogs I created filled with valuable wisdom and they can only be sought after in the Growing Pains For Evolution blog and podcast. I encourage you all to subscribe to my blog to be notified when I post the next Rubies of Wisdom. Click on the follow button and enter your email. Then you’re all set to get blogs from me directly to your email. Share blogs you resonate with on your social media pages. Abundant someone with the wisdom they can benefit from.

I encourage you all to strive to utilize your gift of discernment no matter what one thinks of you. Remember this is your life and only you can create how you want to live your life through the choices you make. Stop making sacrifices for people who are not loyal to you nor have your best interest at heart.

Until next time my beautiful readers, “abundant” your rising for you and yours. And may your work and whatever you do from your heart with intentions be good for you and yours! Keep living! Keep striving! Keep elevating! Keep being your authentic self! Don’t let anyone deprive you of what you desire even yourself! Don’t forget to press the follow button and enter your email to subscribe to my blogs! Share, share, share this amazing rubies of wisdom!

With much abundance, prosperity, and gratitude,

Goddess Kamil with a K

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