Great Ra’sing! Welcome back my beautiful readers! It’s another day to receive your dose of rubies (wisdom). Abundant your day for you and yours. And may your work be your prayer for good for you and yours. Today is a great day! It will be productive as well even if you’re just resting. See if you can catch the sunrise to admire its beauty.

Take the time to acknowledge your gratitude. It’ll help you attract more things to be grateful for. Expressing gratitude is the way of life. Its no way around it if you want to feel the abundance of your life. And when you feel the abundance of your life, you feel the freedom of just being free of anything trying to hold you down.

We all want to experience the abundance of true freedom. It’s our BIRTHRIGHT to experience the abundance of true freedom. Let’s dive deeper into freedom. I’m excited, aren’t you? It’s the excitement of knowing how one can free themselves of whatever to live an authentic life.

Acknowledge what stagnant your growth. It could be being in a toxic unhealthy relationship, people pleasing, sabotaging yourself of what you deserve, work alcoholic, drugs, alcohol, stressful job and etc. Whatever it is, acknowledge it. Because if you don’t, how do you expect to be free from it and live an abundant life? Trust me, it would not work. I say this, because you’ll be so consumed with the toxicity than actually focusing on the abundance of your life. And when we’re so consumed with the toxicity we don’t experience the true freedom of living. We’re actually depriving ourselves of all what life have to offer us. It’s that time to take a leap of faith and step out knowing and believing something great awaits for you! You’ll never know until you make that decision.

I experienced the true freedom of living my life authentically when I let go of people’s expectations of me. They are not me and I’m not them. They don’t have an obligation to me just like I don’t have an obligation to them. I stop relying on people to make me happy. Happiness is an inside job that must take place within you. It is definitely a process, but a well worthy one. You are responsible for your own happiness. I stress it so much, because it’s not a good feeling to depend on someone to make you happy. What if they decide to walk away or you have to leave by default? What you’re going to do? You can’t say this is the end of life especially if you have children. Life goes on, and you’ll go through growing pains to help you find and love yourself. That’s if you want to elevate and heal for the better. Because if you don’t address your issues that attracted you to them, you will keep going through the same problems in different circumstances and relationships. It’s imperative to acknowledge it so it doesn’t stagnant your growth. But most importantly it’s so you can be FREE! Free from every and anything that does not serve you any purpose. Remember you have a choice and it’s yours!

Freedom is happiness, gratitude, prosperity, and feeling abundant. Nothing can hold you back. Dance around the house freely! Sing, color, and/or talk freely because you’ve taken back your power to be FREE! It feels so good to be free and not bound to the negativity and toxicity of circumstances, people, and relationships. It’s something about living life abundantly while being your authentic self freely without a care. It’s just you being you without any regrets! I challenge you to find your freedom! And when you do, you’ll feel so relieved and appreciative that you’ve taken on the challenge! Remember you got this!!!

Until next time my readers think about what does freedom mean to you.

Abundance, Prosperity, and good health,

Goddess Kamil with a K

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