Soul Tribe

Great Ra’sing!! Let’s speak with intentions over our life beginning right this moment. Abundant the rising for us and ours! Thank you Universe for watching over us and keeping us safe as we rest at night. May our work and/or school be our prayer for good for us and ours! Thank you! Awesome! How do you feel my loyal readers? I feel great knowing I’m given another opportunity to share my dose of wisdom! Was you able to catch the sunrise? If not, here’s a beautiful picture of the sunrise.

Today’s blog title was originally supposed to be called “friendship”. I wanted to take a step further by replacing friendship with the word “soul tribe”. Soul tribe consist of friends whom you called your “sister and brother”. It is a privilege to be given the prestigious title beyond being just a friend. When people come into our lives, we must determine what is their role in our lives. And this goes for family too. There are different levels people go through. It goes like this; associate, friend, family. They start off as an associate then they become a friend. If they are lucky, they may be promoted to family level aka soul tribe. Soul tribe is the highest level and it’s not easy to achieve in someone’s life.

I’ve had 20-30 year friendships that didn’t make it to my soul tribe level. And the same goes for family. Some people come into your life to be either an investment or a bill. Only you can determine what is their role in your life. A lot of people who’ve came in my life were a bill meaning that they always took from me without adding a deposit (good energy, encouragement, insight, feedback, etc.) And that was because I was suffering from abandonment issues tolerating them being a bill while I was making deposits in their life. After I had addressed the abandonment issue, I took the initiative to let them go so I could make room for the people who were an investment in my life. Investments comes in the form of good energy, encouragements, sharing of wisdom, pushing you to be great and so much more! I rather have an investment to add to my life than a bill. It’s our responsibility to figure out their purpose in our lives. Are they an investment or are they a bill? Ask yourself why you’re making deposits in someone’s life while they are a bill in your life. Whatever it is acknowledge it and work through it so you can let those kind of people go. Take the time to do an inventory of your circle.

You don’t necessarily have to talk to your soul tribe every day. It could be days, weeks, or months that y’all haven’t talked. Everyone is busy in their own lives. But once y’all link up, it’s as if y’all never missed a beat. The relationship y’all have is amazing nothing like the relationship you have with an associate. When you have a soul tribe, it makes life worth living and it add years to your life. Having a soul tribe is good for your well being especially your mental health.

Until next time my readers, I challenge you to do an inventory of your circle. Who are making deposits in your life as you’re making deposits in their life? Don’t forget to express your gratitude for those who are in your life. Also express gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned from the people who’ve exited your life. Life is about evolving, growing, healing, and giving back to the community. May you have a productive weekend. Talk with you on Monday.

Abundance, prosperity, and good health,

Goddess Kamil with a K

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