Utilizing The Power of Healing

Great Ra’sing Readers! Welcome back to Growing Pains For Evolution blog. How was your weekend? Was you able to get much accomplished and/or did you rest? I know for some, their weekend was good and for others it took them through an emotional roller coaster as they deal with the unexpected. Life will get better and you have to believe that it will.

My weekend was almost emotional until I decided to do something constructive such as helping a friend with her website. I also cleaned my storage room. While cleaning my storage room I came across pictures and letters from my exhusband of 10 years. When I looked at the pictures of myself with him, I saw that I was depressed behind my smiles. I wasn’t in love nor happy. I forced myself to believe I was in love and happy. I was under an illusion as if I was in love and happy. All the physicals signs of how depressed I was, was all over the pictures. I lost weight, my face broke out real bad, I didn’t care for myself like I used to, etc. Instantly, I didn’t want to face that chapter of my life. I rather for it to stay buried in the box. But I realized what would that solve? Nothing! And if I don’t address and acknowledge that chapter of my life, I would stagnate my growth and block my ability to receive abundance.

As I stood in the storage room, I had to make a decision whether to face it or continue to ignore it. I decided to face it so I could continue to receive my abundance. The goal is to create a fire ritual to release anything and everything attached to him out my home. Now this is where utilizing the power of healing comes in. I thought about the good and the bad from my 10 years of dealing with the ex. Although I may have felt I wasted my time, but I didn’t. I’ve learned so much about the criminal system and criminal law. And because of the knowledge I’ve gained, I’ve helped a few people with their legal issues. I’ve learned so much skills that I’m able to utilize them in my life. With that being said, I didn’t lose anything instead I gained.

I share my story to remind you to look for the good in each and every circumstances. You did be surprised at what you’ve learned and what habits you’ve changed as a result of the circumstances. Abundant the circumstances for helping you to grow. Growth is not always a good feeling. Some growths are painful. We would rather stay in our comfort zone than face the pain. The goal is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order for you to receive your abundance.

Healing is messy, but it’s beautiful. Sometimes we need to take a moment to look at the collateral beauty of our life in order for us to build and know we didn’t lose anything. When you’re utilizing the power of healing in your life, you’ll began to feel the shift in your universe. There wouldn’t be a need to stress. You’ll accept the Universe doing its job to heal you.

Healing begins within you. Healing is putting yourself first. Healing is acknowledging your pain, hurt, tears, etc. Healing is also acknowledging the gains from each circumstances. Healing is saying, “I love you” to yourself. Healing is giving yourself a hug. Healing is speaking highly of yourself. Healing is taking back your power. Healing is going for whatever your heart desires. Healing will get you there as long as you believe and put in the work. Let healing take its course in your life. Be receptive and open to it one day at a time. When we utilize the power of healing, it really does make a difference in our lives.

Until next time my readers make sure you evolve, heal, and grow to become a better and stronger version of yourself.

Abundance, prosperity, love and light,

Goddess Kamil with a K

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