Co-Existing with your visions

Great Ra’sing Readers! May today be a productive day. May you abundant your rising for you and yours. And may your work and/good intentions be your prayer for good for you and yours. 🙂

Have you ever daydream about your life or something so beautiful as the photo above? If not daydream, have you ever visualize anything? Did you know that whatever you visualize it can come true if you believe it? As the saying goes if you can visualize it then you can achieve it. But……you must do the work to achieve whatever you visualize. In the book of James in the bible, it said “faith without work is dead.” In addition to visualizing, putting in the work, and having faith; you must learn to co-exist with your vision as if it’s already happening.

How can we co-exist with our vision? It starts with changing your mindset. Someone can say they want to be rich. But they must have a rich mindset before the money even hits their bank account. It doesn’t mean they need to spend money and look rich. It means putting in the work that is required knowing that you are rich in mind, body, and soul. You have to believe that whatever your project is will be the one that will make you rich.

A person can visualize that they are a best selling author. However they must co-exist with their vision as if they are already a best selling author. For every book they write, they speak with intentions as if they are a bestselling author. The more we co-exist with our vision, the more we perfect our craft.

In addition to co-existing with our vision, we must be mindful of our surroundings. It’s imperative that we are in surroundings that are in alignment with our vision. We can’t be in a toxic environment that will make us lose focus. Our vision requires a sacrifice on our part. You have to be willing to give up some things for your vision to come to fruition. This usually calls for some difficult decisions to be made, but for the better. Not everyone will have the same vision as you and not everyone can go where you go during your elevation.

Take the time to reflect on how you can co-exist with your vision. What changes do you need to make? Are you willing to make those sacrifices? How would the changes/sacrifices affect you and those around you? If you can visualize it then you can achieve it. Visualize, faith (believe), change mindset, work (dedication), sacrifices (changes), and co-existing with it as if it’s already happening is all it takes for your vision to come to fruition. You can do it!! You got this! Always believe in yourself. There’s no one stopping you from achieving anything you put your mind to except you. And you’re not in competition with anyone but yourself! The goal is to be better, stronger, and matured than you ever been. It gets better with time. And it’s okay to make mistakes. We’re not perfect, but we can always practice to be better each time.

Until next time my readers, think about your visions and how you can bring it to fruition.

Abundance, prosperity, good health,

Goddess Kamil with a K

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