What’s up Readers?! How’s your energy? I feel amazing! I hope you are feeling phenomenal! We are given another day to live! It’s the greatest gift to have. Another day to smile, laugh, and do what we love or always wanted to do. Everyday is a celebration of life! Celebrate your life, don’t wait until it’s your birthday to celebrate. Everyday is your birthday to be honest especially when we wake up each day as if we’re born again to experience life. Stretch and reach for the sun as it’s shining brightly upon your face even if it’s just the light from your room or around your house.

Did you know that the sun and bright colors increases your vibration/energy? It makes us feel good. I love the sun! It makes me smile whenever I take a walk in nature. Well unfortunately where I’m residing at, there is a lot of snow. My hometown is currently in the winter season. It sure do be cold causing me to put on extra layers of clothes to keep myself warm. Also during the winter time, many people experience seasonal depression in which one’s mood is altered by whatever season such as winter.

I’ve learned to be extra mindful of who I’m with and where I’m at during the winter time. I say this because depending on where I’m at and who I’m with, the sadness energy would rub off on me. No matter how much positivity I say to them, they continue with their sadness and/or negativity. I know my limitations as an empath. I would have to excuse myself from the environment, conversation, etc. I’m not being rude nor disrespectful as I excuse myself. I’m doing what’s best for my mental health. We need to normalize putting our mental health first. We also need to normalize knowing our limitations.

Now let’s go a little bit deeper on why we should normalize putting our mental health first and knowing our limitations. Have you ever noticed before you started hanging out with someone whether that be a significant other, family, friends, associates, etc., you was happy and/or at least living a drama free life? But as soon as you started hanging with the person, you felt depleted, neglected yourself, no longer did things that made you happy, etc. Have you ever ask yourself what happened to you? Do you think it’s a high possibility that they were attracted to your good energy and sucked the life out of you? I think it’s a strong possibility! And this is where you need to either set boundaries or let them exit your life for the sake of your mental health.

It’s not always easy to set boundaries and/or to walk away from people. It’s a necessity to set boundaries so people can respect you. If they can’t respect your boundaries then they don’t respect you. However when you walk away from them or vice versa, room is being created to include people who will respect your boundaries. Life will be more abundant, you’ll attract so much good things and you’ll get back to what you loved to do. With that being said, protect your energy and be very mindful of who you’re with and where you’re at. Pay close attention to your own behavior and ask yourself why you’re the way you are as well as where did it stemmed from. For example, if I come home sad and started thinking about my life which is overwhelming to me at times. To prevent myself from attracting more negativity, I needed to ask myself, “what am I sad about? Was I around anyone who was sad and/or speaking negativity in the atmosphere? Whatever the case may be, I have to limit my interactions with whom ever for the sake of my mental health. That’s respecting myself, loving myself, and knowing my limitations. And guess what? Im not in the wrong for putting myself first. That’s called SELF CARE!

Until next time my readers, please take care of yourself, love yourself, know your limitations without any regrets, and live life abundantly!!!!

Love, light, abundance and prosperity,

Goddess Kamil with a K!

P.S. Don’t forget to do the things you loved to do. Don’t forget to smile and laugh:) Most importantly be at peace. You got this!! I’m rooting for you! Sending you love and light ((hugs)).

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