It’s Friday

It’s Friday my readers!!! How’s your Friday going? I hope it’s going productive prior to the weekend. Do you have anything planned this weekend? I have a few things lined up to have a productive weekend.

As I looked at myself in the mirror, I decided to have fun. YES!! Fun with myself and the mirror as I laughed, make silly faces and so forth. It really felt good just being in my own company laughing and smiling just because I wanted to. I paused and looked at myself in the mirror. I saw how beautiful I was internally. I also saw my immensely strength of overcoming what I thought I wouldn’t be able to overcome. Wow! I was amazed to be standing before a strong melanated woman who has done the impossible. This woman is still striving! And that woman is ME!!

Have you ever taken the time to look at yourself in the mirror or your photos of yourself? Have you ever complimented yourself? Have you ever admired your own strengths? But most importantly have you ever conversed, laughed, and smiled with yourself? I hope you have, because it’s so important to feel validated from your own self. Take the initiative of establishing a relationship with yourself. Often we may feel it’s weird to do, because it’s the norm of society to be in someone’s company to do something. Don’t get me wrong it’s normal to hang with friends and family, but it is also normal to hang with yourself. It’s imperative you get to know yourself no matter the age.

When you heal, your glow up is stunning not just externally, but internally as well. It’s like your glow is shining a bright light from within. It is true that people become drawn to your light. But be careful and utilize your boundaries to protect your glow. You have to be able to protect you for the sake of your mental health. You got this! Keep glowing!

Time and time again I’ve read a few chapters of my memoir (Evolution Of Spiritually Nakedness by Kamil Gerald, https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/evolution-of-spiritually-nakedness-kamil-gerald/1140828718?ean=9781736489246 ) to remind myself of my strength. I’ve came a long way, but the struggle I’ve went through and the stones thrown at me were not in vain. I rose above the adversity while I learned the necessary skills to add value to my life. We are not always at the bottom when we rebuild our life. Our life usually make room for someone who will respect our boundaries in addition to teaching us a few things on how to deal with the next tribulations of our lives.

With today being Friday, why not take the time to be with yourself. Enjoy your own company whether that’s coloring, watching a movie, taking yourself out to eat, etc. Reflect on you. May you have a productive weekend and I look forward to writing again on Monday. 🤗

Abundance, prosperity, happiness, and good health!

Goddess Kamil with a K

3 thoughts on “It’s Friday

  1. A highly inspiring post, once again. 😁
    And as for your question, I will be studying this entire weekend as my exams are due in a fortnight…Wish me 🤞luck😅. Your post energised me greatly. 👏🏻

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    1. May you pass your exams with flying colors as long as you believe that you’ll pass. As you’re studying, speak with intentions that you’ll pass the exam. And when the day of the exam arrives, continue to speak with intentions throughout the day even when you’re taking the exam that you’ve mastered the knowledge. You got this!

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