How to avoid procrastination

Great Ra’sing Readers! How was your weekend? Hopefully it was relaxing. Did you try anything new such as a new recipe? Did you learn anything that could be beneficial for you? I hope your weekend was productive full of adventures.

My weekend was full of doing the impossible. It took great courage, but I felt good after I did it. Yesterday, Monday I procrastinated about getting the necessary work done. I’m not a big fan of procrastination especially when it comes paperwork. I like to get stuff done ahead of time and be over with it. Unfortunately, I noticed my list of things to do were piling up. Then next thing I know I’m panicking and forcing myself to handle my paperwork business. Don’t we all get tired of looking at the black and whit letters on one paper to the next? I don’t know how lawyers do it, look at papers all day. But what can I say when I used to be a Social Worker. I looked at papers all day. I think that’s probably why I don’t want to look at papers right away.

The best way to avoid procrastination is by being organized and setting deadlines. Having a calendar or a planner is a good tool to use. For each day or a particular day, assign what assignments will be done. For example, Monday is assigned medical and personal day. The day will be used to make any necessary medical appointments, etc. There’s no need to procrastinate about your health. Health is wealth! Worrying about your health? Then you should take a look at how you take care of yourself. Make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle and talk with your Doctor.

Tackle one assignment at a time at least a week before it’s due so you don’t have to worry about it. Don’t rush through it or else you’ll be overwhelmed. If you find yourself procrastinating, stop and breathe for at least 10 minutes. Inhale positivity as you exhale your worries. It’s okay as long as it’s not life threatening, you can get through it. Make sure you give yourself a rest day to rejuvenate. Your rest day should be a day to just relax enjoying the moment as you spend time with yourself.

Until next time my readers stop making excuses as to why you haven’t accomplish your list of things to do. As you cross off one thing of the list, you’ll begin to feel good. It’s like I’ve accomplished something and got it out the way. It’s a great feeling to be relieved. Take great care and talk to you soon.

Abundance, prosperity, good health!

Goddess Kamil with a K

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