Is My Future What I Really Want?

Great Ra’sing Readers! Welcome back to Growing Pains For Evolution blog! I appreciate you all. 🤗

Yesterday I came across an associate’s blog post titled “Remember Your Future” https://kathleennicole.com/2022/02/08/remember-your-future-a-plot-twist-on-manifestation/. You can check it out. It was a very interesting thought provoking blog. Author Kathleen elaborated how we should remember our future knowing that it already exist. It took me back to my blog post; “Co-existing with your visions” https://growingpains4evolution.blog/2022/02/02/co-existing-with-your-visions/. I know we have visions and we’re to coexist with it. But I’ve never thought to make the connection between our visions and our future. They are similar, because what we visualize is what we want to come to fruition either now or in future.

But little did we know that we are actually shaping our future by coexisting with our visions as if it exist. Let me share what I experienced after reading Author Kathleen’s post. I went straight to the kitchen to wash dishes. As I’m washing each dish, I remembered my future which was being happily married to a loving husband, raising my children in a two parent household, doing what I love, living in a beautiful home somewhere in the tropics. I have to be extra honest, I choked back tears. It was a future I remembered from 15 years ago when I was just 20 years old. I actually thought I was on the right path aligning with my future when I got married at 21 yrs old.

Of course I had children. I was working a good job to save enough money to relocate to a beautiful home in another state. How about there was a pause during that journey towards my future. My marriage of three years turned into a domestic violence situation. I lost my job and I was homeless. I was battling in court for a divorce. The ex contested to everything. I was miserable and told him he can have everything. I didn’t want nothing, but just my last name and my children.

I didn’t give myself time to heal before jumping into another relationship. After a year and half of getting to know another man, I gotten remarried. And I was in this marriage for 10 years. Again I thought I was in alignment with my future. I worked a real good job, relocated to another state, etc. I was no where aligned with my future at all. I thought I had lost everything and had to start life anew when I moved back to my hometown. But I realized I gained a lot of skills and knowledge to help me reach my fullest potentials.

I share my experience with you all, because at one point in our life we may remember our future. And we may not be aligned with our future, because maybe it wasn’t us that planned our future. What I mean by that is are we planning our future based on the expectations of people? Or are we planning based on our own expectations of ourselves.? Is this what we really want for our future? If not then we need to change the narrative of our future. As for me, I have to tweak my future and that’s okay. It’s another opportunity for me to plan my new future how I want it and remember it.

With that being said take the time to remember your future and make some necessary adjustments if you have to. There is no penalty at all. This is your life and only you can control it by the decisions you make. Until next time my readers take time to reflect.

Abundance, prosperity, happiness and good health!

Goddess Kamil with a K

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