Happy Monday! Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate. How was your weekend my readers? Did you watch the Super Bowl or nah? My weekend was amazing with my children. I didn’t bother to watch the game since I’m no longer a fan of the sport.

Today is Valentine’s Day! What plans do you have? Hopefully they will be memorable as you share it with someone you love whether that be your family, children, significant other, friends and/or your pet. Although I don’t celebrate the pagan holiday due to the history behind it, it’s important to discuss what is love. We all want to be loved in a way we want and need to be. Our parents are our first teachers in teaching and displaying what is “love”. Then comes our siblings, families, and so forth. Love is an action word and it makes us feel good.

Sometimes parents unintentionally forget to teach their children how to love themselves. And children usually grow up into their adulthood loving everyone without knowing how to love themselves. As a result of the missed step in child rearing, they tend not to know how they wanted and needed to be love. And this usually cause problems in their intimate relationships.

Loving yourself is an inside job that should remind you of those who loves you. How you love yourself is different from how the next person loves themselves. No love is the same. Again I say “love” is an action word meaning you must act on it from within your heart.

Do you know what love is? How are you loving yourself so it can radiate from within? Love is patient, kind, humble, healthy, peaceful, honest, protector and so much more. Loving yourself is getting to know yourself. It’s loving your flaws and all as you’re loving the person you are. Love is treating yourself out because you deserve it! Love is being honest with yourself and so much more.

So with that being said I challenge you to take the time to love yourself if you haven’t already. Do all the things you wanted to do to show yourself how much you love you! Now don’t go out there being reckless with yourself because that’s not what I’m implying. I’m not responsible for the choices you make to show yourself love. There’s a saying that love is pain. It shouldn’t be, but in some cases love can bring us pain which is only a necessity for our evolution to gain. And this is when we usually peel off toxic layers to get to the vulnerable parts of us to love unconditionally.

Until next time my readers take the time to love you regardless of what you do on this day. It’s a day of love but that’s everyday though. Love is daily and throughout the day. Focus on loving you. If you have children and/or around children a lot teach them to love themselves by asking them what they love about themselves. This will be beneficial for them as they growing into their adulthood.

Sending love and light,

Goddess Kamil with a K

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