Changing The Narrative

Great Ra’sing! It feels good to be given another opportunity to live and have a great day! It feels good knowing today will be a day of smiles and laughs which is the best medicine! You have to really believe and feel the goods!

What you think and feel determines your day unless someone comes along and alter your day for good or bad. Only you can determine if a person’s action will cause a reaction from you. Will their actions affect your mood? I hope not. Maybe you can either ignore it or inquire if something is bothering them. Easier said than done right? I know. I used to mind my own business and ignore outbursts. It’s a way to keep myself from having any conflicts, but most importantly to allow one to have their space to get through the present moment.

I soon realized people be needing someone to talk to, but doesn’t know who they can confide in. Either that or maybe they are embarrassed to talk about and rather vent in a way to deal with their issues. Hopefully it’s being dealt with in a constructive way. It doesn’t hurt to reassure them that everything will be okay even though we may not know. The goal is to pass on hope and faith during any difficult situation.

It’s imperative for us to set alone time for ourselves before we start the day. That alone time sets the foundation of the day. Often we’re so busy in the morning getting ready for work, school, etc. that we forget about ourselves. All you need is five minutes in the morning to yourself giving gratitude and telling yourself it will be a great day. Set your intentions of feeling great and knowing it will be a great day. Let’s change the narrative of our risings/mornings.

Until next time my readers, I challenge you to spend five minutes of your time with yourself. You’ll gradually extend the time once you realize the importance of alone time with self. It’s a great day full of smiles and laughs!

Keep smiling and laughing,

Goddess Kamil with a K

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