Great Ra’sing my Loves! Giving thanks to the Universe/ Higher Power for waking us up this rising! Abundant our rising for ourselves and our family/pets. May our work we perform today be our prayer of good for ourselves and others who we may come in contact with. With intentions, “today is a GREAT day!” Let’s embrace the love within ourselves and around us. Give yourself hug and tell yourself,”I love you!” Yesssss! Don’t you feel amazing? I’m feeling amazing and ready to start my day!

I’m so excited! And I feel absolutely good! I’m ready to get my hands wet on doing the unthinkable. Today is the day I feel like challenging myself to do the impossible once again. This one project has been on my mind for a few days. It’s a project that has not been tested in this world. It doesn’t hurt to be a game changer and stepping outside of my comfort zone. I got this! It levels to this!

Are you excited about your day today? Do you have plans to do the unthinkable? Have you been thinking about something that you always wanted to do, but doubt yourself? Well I’m here to tell you that it’s normal to feel nervous. And it’s normal to experience anxiety. I suggest not giving so much thought into it, because otherwise you’ll sabotage yourself. Just DO IT! Take that calculated risk and see what happens. It’s better to do it than regretting not taking risk. Being a risk taker does not necessarily have limitations.

Try learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s apart of growth. Nothing comes with being comfortable all the time. Life would be a repeated pattern each day as if it’s predictable. Why not live a life full of surprises? Be spontaneous and live! Be yourself without any regrets! That’s when you are really living life to explore whatever without any limitations. It’s what makes life worth living. Why spend your days and moments in fear and doing the same thing over and over again? Change the narrative and do the unthinkable! Your future self will thank you whether that be in two days, two weeks, two months, or two years.

Until next time my lovely readers, think about doing the unthinkable. Live life and be spontaneous. Remember this is your life and you choose how you want to live it. Tackle your aspirations and bring them to fruition! You got this! I’m rooting for you!

Abundance, prosperity and happiness,

Goddess Kamil with a K

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