Normalizing Imagination

Great Ra’sing my lovely readers! How are you feeling? May you feel great, appreciated, loved, and all of the good stuff that brings on good energy! Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Namaste! It’s so much gratitude to express especially for the gift of life.

A very good close friend of mines sent me a quote yesterday that had me in deep thoughts. I’m so grateful for my friend as he keeps me uplifted. Amazing friends are rare to come by and I’m truly happy that we crossed paths. Here’s the quote; “A person without imagination is like a teabag without hot water” by Alan Fletcher. What is your perception of this amazing quote?

When I first read the quote, I was curious about the meaning behind it. Knowing me, a person who likes to dive deep in quotes, I reflect on it to reach an intuitive understanding. I reflected how children are encouraged to have an imagination, because it sparks their creativity. But as they reach their teen years, they are taught to stop imaging in other words stop dreaming. Although those are not the exact words, but telling them this is reality and to follow the norm of society. From there the ability to imagine and dream was disrupted and/or repressed. Very few teenagers would rebel and imagine/dream anyways to keep their creativity coming. But for the mass, some may come across that spark to imagine and dream again in their adulthood.

Without imagination how can one’s life be interesting? Imagination should be ongoing even throughout adulthood. It shouldn’t stop at 8th grade which is the last year of elementary school. Many don’t realize that the profession they’ve chosen in life stemmed from expectations of parents, life events just to name a couple. And sometimes they don’t find satisfaction in their profession. And that’s because they lacked imagination to truly be creative in what is it that they really wanted to be.

For example, I wanted to be a Doctor, but changed my major once I graduated from high school. And that was because I experienced a life shift to make me want to be a Social Worker. Although I love to help people, but I was lacking substance in the meaning of life. I wanted to help people in a way that truly brought me satisfaction. I was just going with the flow of society of my choices of what I wanted to be, because that’s where the money is at. I also wanted to make my family proud. There wasn’t no dream or imagination in my adulthood. It was more so like “this is life and we have to do what we have to do” instead of “I’m going to make this life change happen!”

After all the degrees and certifications earned in 2010, it wasn’t until 2021 I gained my spark to imagine and dream again. I’m talking about imagining and dreaming what I want to do. And when I stepped out on faith to go against the norm of society, I felt relieved and unbothered. I loved being my authentic self without any regrets! It’s the best feeling I tell you! It’s the feeling of being free!

So with that being said, keep imagining! Keep dreaming! Keep setting milestones to achieve your dreams! But most importantly CELEBRATE every step you take as well as yourself! Let’s normalize imagination through teen years and adulthood. It’s not just for young children. We can still be fun and creative as adults.

Something just came across my mind to provide another example which is McDonald’s. It was very creative and full of imaginations for both adults and children. They used to have a play space where a kid can actually be a kid. But also for adults to get in tune with their inner child. It’s like they are being a big kid with whomever they’re with in McDonald’s. McDonald’s was a kids favorite place to go to as well as adults to join in the fun as well.

Look at McDonald’s now. There’s no fun. They redesigned their whole restaurant removing all the fun stuff. Keep in mind they made the changes way before the pandemic even occurred. McDonald’s has become a sad place filled with unhealthy food. You can’t even get a salad from there nor a veggie burger. Some McDonald’s have a touch screen game system in their restaurant for children. But my thing is, young children don’t need to be exposed to any more devices that glued them to the screen. What happened to children having fun the natural way burning their energy and being creative with their imagination outside of the devices? We are in the digital age which is very different. I say all this to say that we must keep the imagination alive no matter our age and wherever we’re at. I hope one day McDonald’s bring back the fun.

Gratitude, abundance and prosperity! Have a great day!

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