What Is Your Life Assignment?

Great Ra’sing! It’s a beautiful day to wake up to. It’s another day to accept the gift of life. We sure do have a lot to be grateful for. May we abundant our rising for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Amen!

Everyday that we wake up, we are given another day to touch someone’s life, make a difference, as well as to make it right. Yesterday I took a break from blogging to run a few errands. Those errands turned out to be life changing and I felt a shift. I didn’t realize yesterday was the New Moon in Pisces which definitely explained all the shifts that transpired.

The shifts made me feel at peace with my assignment as I do my time on Mother Earth. My imagination was in overdrive as I helped and uplifted my younger sister with her clothing business. She needed someone to confide in especially after the passing of our mother five years ago. A year after our mother’s ascension, I relocated to another state. I was there for three years until I relocated back home four months ago. She was alone and told me she needed me. From there I knew I had to help her.

With me being the oldest of my mother’s seven children, I always made sure all my siblings knew each other. I kept us close for over 20 years despite us being separated and raised in different households. Trust me it was hard to keep all of us in touch. After the ascension of our mother, I let go of the torch to still keep us together. I was tired and they wasn’t putting in much effort to communicate with each other. When I had relocated to another state, they were hurt. They told me I should’ve discussed with them about I leaving. I laughed, because I’m like I’m a grown woman. I don’t need their permission to relocate. But little did I know they were afraid. They are so used to me supporting and encouraging them. I was their second mother and they made it clear that I was. From that moment on, I once again picked up the torch to keep us together under one condition. They all must put in the effort to remain in touch with each other. That’s all I ask of them nothing more, nothing less.

I share all this to say that we must pay attention to the signs. Sometimes a person silence can tell you a lot just by their energy. And this may prompt you to see if they’re okay. Take a moment to reflect on your life and what you’ve been doing. What is your assignment/purpose on Mother Earth? Your passion is what leads you to your purpose.

Many think they have to research and figure out their passion. That is not necessarily the case. Your passion can be something you love to do. And whatever you love to do will lead you to your purpose to help the next person in need. Passion is something you feel so strongly about. It’s a burning desire in your heart to use it to help others because it helped you. Whether we realize it or not, every direction we take in life all leads to helping the next person no matter the profession.

Take time to understand your assignment. From there you’ll feel a great sense of peace overcome you. And that’s when you are actually living. Life is more meaningful. Have a phenomenal Thursday!

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