Pushing Through Your Limitations

Great Afternoon Readers! How is your day going? I hope it’s going amazing and productive. Abundant the afternoon for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! ASE!

The other day I talked about addressing our self sabotaging behaviors. Today I would like to touch on pushing through our limitations. Often times we are told that the sky is the limit. I’ve never been too fond of the statement, because it feels like we’re limiting ourselves or letting something limit us. I always believed that we are our own limitations. If it’s anything we want to achieve, we can achieve it as long as we set our mind on it. Things don’t always come easy, but the journey we go through is well worth it.

When we set limitations it’s usually from our own fears or fears of people that were projected on us. Remember fear is “false evidence appearing real”. Ask yourself what are you afraid of and what do you think will happen. We really need to stop thinking the worse case scenario, because otherwise it will happen. Have you ever heard of “law of attraction”? Remember whatever you think, you put into the universe. Universe responds to energy. Check your energy throughout the day! It is a necessity, because the things we think can be willed into our lives. And we wondered why things are happening the way they are in our life.

Push through your limitations. So what if people quit on you, just make sure you don’t quit on yourself. Everyone can’t go with you on your journey of high self or elevation. Remember we arrived in this world alone and we’ll leave this world alone. When you push through your limitations you’ll see how much potentials you possessed and of course your amazing strength. Trust me you get a whole lot more goals accomplished. You’ll see a lot of your dreams come true!! You got this!! You’ll be so amazed and proud of yourself!!

With that being said push through your limitations! Beat the odds and become your own inspiration!! Always and I mean ALWAYS talk kindly to yourself. Have an amazing day!

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