Happy Friday! It’ll be the weekend for some while others have to work. All that matter is we are given a beautiful gift of life. To wake up today is a gift of beauty. Let’s abundant our rising for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! Namaste!

What do you do when you come across your trigger points? Do you acknowledge it, react, run from it or what? How you deal with your triggers is an insight into where you are in your life. You could be resistant to it, dealing with it, or ignoring it. It’s imperative that we learn to deal with our triggers in a constructive way in order for us to get further in life.

We don’t get further in life if we’re always reactive of triggers whether it be words, sounds, events. If triggers are causing you to have anxiety or panic attacks, I recommend that you seek a Cognitive Behavior Therapist or a Therapist who specializes in CBT (cognitive behavior therapy). The Therapist will work with you on recognizing different things that triggers you. They may ask you to keep a journal to document whenever you are reactive to something that triggered you.

When a pattern is recognized, the Therapist will then help assist you in figuring out where the triggers are stemming from. This may consist of digging deep into your childhood memories or any other memories. Once you recognize where it stemmed from, take time to process it, and ask yourself how did it have so much affect on you. From there look for solutions to help you deal with your triggers in a constructive way while healing. Trust me it’ll get better as you keep working through it. Life will be more manageable and easier to breathe. Trust the process. Journal your journey so you can see your progress and how far along you came from.

With that being said, journey well and be at peace. Have an amazing weekend.

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