Great Ra’sing Readers! Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Amen! How are you on this beautiful day? I hope you are feeling rejuvenated and full of excitement!

Everyday brings new possibilities as well as opportunities to create how you want your day to be. Most importantly do you respect and trust yourself enough to create your day? I do by setting intentions for the day that today is a great day and I’m making things happen. It’s something about telling yourself, “we’re going to make something happen today!” It’s that trust and confidence you have within yourself. And to have that you must respect and love yourself.

Let me ask a deep thought provoking question. How much respect do you have for yourself? How do you conduct yourself around people? You know that saying, “to get respect, you must give respect?” That May be the case, but it’s deeper than that. How you respect yourself determines how a person respects you. So if you don’t have any respect for yourself, how do you think the next person will think of you? They wouldn’t take you seriously and they sure wouldn’t respect you because you don’t respect yourself. Be very careful of people who tried to run all over you and manipulate you.

What you tolerate determines the level of respect you have for yourself. If you’re so comfortable with a person who is comfortable with disrespecting you, then you don’t respect and love yourself. I stress self love so much because love of self will not tolerate anything that is disrespectful to their well-being as an individual. Don’t ever put yourself in a position to re-respect someone who crossed you and left you for dead or to take the fall for anything.

There are many people in our lives that we want to be apart of our story. We failed to realize that they are only a chapter in our lives for a particular season. We tend to hold onto people longer than we should and it stagnant our growth. LET GO!

Self Love is the number one law of self. Self Respect is the second law of self. With that being said, take a moment to reflect all that is going on in your life. Ask yourself if the events and/or person in your life is adding to your life in other words making deposits (positivity, good energy, encouragement, etc) in your life. If they are not, then ask yourself do you love and respect yourself enough to be tolerating the drama/negativity. If you have that much love and respect for yourself, you wouldn’t tolerate the nonsense. You’ll drop the dead weight! I know I dropped many dead weights when I found myself. I hold my self love and self respect in the highest regards! From there I’ve been having positive people in my life who are encouraging, uplifting, and amazing!

Have a great day my Readers! Abundance, prosperity, happiness, and good health!

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