Letter From A Competitor

Great Ra’sing! It feels great to be able to wake to another day of writing this blog post. I hope you’re feeling amazing and ready to conquer the day! Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! So Mote It Be!

Let’s talk about competition. Have you ever been in a competition? Was it sudden or did you have to prepare for it? When you’re competing how does it make you feel? How about after the competition? Well I guess you can say it depends on what place you came in.

Look at how the world is set up where competition is the norm. There’s competition in sports, grocery stores, pharmacy stores, churches, schools, and the list goes on. They say a little competition is good, but only if it’s taught to strengthen and discipline one’s wellbeing. But unfortunately competition is so focus on who is better than who. The mindset of competition is detrimental to a person who may think they are not good enough. But in actuality they are just fine without competing with the next person. What point is there to prove? It’s only a temporary happiness nothing permanent.

As for me, competition was my mantra at one point in my life. In other words I’ve been competing since elementary school whether that was in sports or looks to be better than the next person. I made sure I came in first place. I was a perfectionist who made it look easy. Deep down it was not easy at all. I was tired of portraying that image of perfectionist, because it took so much of me. It definitely affected my self esteem.

I was competing for attention due to I not receiving any at home. It wasn’t until my 30s, I decided to stop competing. It was emotionally draining for me. It was not healthy at all. I had to ask myself, “what am I competing for?” If I wanted attention then I knew I needed to give myself attention by doing things with myself. And that’s consisted of coloring, writing in my journal, listening to music or going running.

When I found myself during my healing journey I learned competition with others was not healthy. It took so much of me that I came to my breaking point. There was no need to compete with anyone but myself. I challenged myself to be a better person than I was one minute ago, one hour ago, one day ago, one week ago, one month ago, and a year ago. I’m constantly evolving as I learn to improve my wellbeing. Best part is I don’t have to conform to anyone’s expectations, but mines. I don’t have to prove the world anything. I improve my wellbeing for me as I continue to let love radiate from within me. All that matters is I being at peace with myself and life. As I’ve always said, self love is a beautiful thing.

The world would be a better and peaceful place if no one was in competition with each other to be better than the next. We all could work together collectively with our amazing talent. Why waste our talents in sports to end up with an injury? Why compete with the next person to make yourself look better than them when it’s killing you inside? Aren’t you tired of competing and living to the expectations of others? I know I am! It’s exhausting as if one is living two lives.

With that being said, ask yourself what are you competing for. What are the rewards? You rather people to give you all this money to compete, because they can’t do it themselves. Or maybe they find enjoyment in your competitions without caring what you have to go through mentally, physically, and emotionally. Take time to think about your wellbeing. Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of athletes stepping down from competition, because it affected their mental health. Think about it. Have a phenomenal day!

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