It’s May!!

Great Rising Readers!! It’s May! Let’s do what it do! May we abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. It’s another phenomenal day to be grateful for life! Smile, laugh, heal, and do whatever makes you happy! And so shall it be!

Here we are into the second day of May! Wow time has been flying by so quick! What are your goals for May? Hopefully they are realistic and got you feeling ambitious! Did you get a chance to reflect on April on the last day of April? I hope you did. Whatever happened in April stays in April. April was the month of new beginnings. Now May is the month to transform your journey of what you started in April.

Your new beginnings is intensified allowing you to go through a deeper transformation. Your new habits will be solidified molding you into the person you are designed to become. You begin to realize what is and what is not in alignment with your life’s purpose. And that’s a great thing as you’re being the co-creator of your life.

My goals for the month of May are discipline, consistency, and improving my focus. This is also the month to welcome whatever is in alignment with my purpose. I will continue to challenge myself as I continue to live and walk in my truth.

I dare you to challenge yourself to be GREAT! Walk in your truth no matter what the critics say. You are YOU! Set good intentions for this month and believe in your intentions. Have a phenomenal day! Love and light!

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