Goodbye Clutter!

Great Ra’sing and Happy Friday!! Let’s express our gratitude for life and the things we have. Today is a great day! May we abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! Love and light!!

Let’s talk about decluttering things that no longer serve its purpose in our life. Yesterday I talked about spring cleaning your goals, here’s the link to check it out: https://growingpains4evolution.blog/2022/05/05/spring-cleaning-your-goals/ Now that we addressed our goals, it’s time to address things, events, and people that can hinder our process in achieving our goals. I’m going to warn you right now, you’ll lose some friends down the way once you start getting serious about your life.

But if they are really your friend, they’ll support you. A friend that does not support you nor encourage you is not a friend sorry to bear the hurtful truth. It’s totally normal to outgrow people in your life as you continue to evolve and elevate. I’ve outgrown a lot of people and my life has become more peaceful. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my lonely days, but I’ve learned to utilize my time to complete my projects without any distractions. It’s a great feeling when I complete my projects!

Remember May is the month to be disciplined, consistent, focus, and accomplishing goals. Here’s a link in which I talked about May being the transformation month, https://growingpains4evolution.blog/2022/05/02/its-may/ I’m totally excited for you as you make some changes in your life for the better!!

Today, I’m going to declutter my storage room and get rid of things that does not serve me any purpose. I might as well have a “repurpose” yard sale. My things that doesn’t serve me a purpose can be for someone else’s purpose. Wow! I like that!! My mind is full of so much creativity that I have to make room to expand. But how can I expand in this tiny apartment? Trust and believe the mind can show you how you can expand when you think outside of the box.

So with that being said, I challenge you to declutter your life from whatever that doesn’t serve you a purpose. Let materialistic things serve a purpose for someone else. Watch how your life will bloom even more beautiful when you allow yourself to expand. As you welcome new things, events, and people into your life, make sure they are in alignment with your purpose. Have a phenomenal weekend! Love and light!

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