The Warrior Within

Great Afternoon Readers! How was your rising? Mines was beautiful! I will share my experience shortly after we do our normal routine of abundance. Let’s take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Does that feel good? Yes it does, keep going until you feel relaxed. Now let’s set our intentions! May we abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May we forevermore express gratitude towards life. It’s another day to smile, laugh, heal, celebrate, and so much more that resonates with us! So shall it be!

I feel phenomenal and it’s a phenomenal day! I love admiring myself in the mirror well as of today, because I feel GREAT!! Today I walked all the way to Delaware Park and did two laps. It felt so great! Spending time with nature really does uplift our mood. I was loving every moment of the sun. I was sun-kissed so beautifully.

While brisk walking, “warrior” appeared in my mind. Each of us have a warrior within us. Whenever we decided to take the initiative to do something that we feared or dreaded, we activated the warrior in us. If only we knew to utilize it a whole lot more we would see how much it makes us feel. Have you noticed every time you faced that fear, you felt great that you addressed it? It’s the greatest feeling ever to overcome that fear! The warrior within us conquer the battle and we WON!!

Now apply that same energy and determination daily. Utilize the warrior within frequently and you’ll see how your life transform right before your eyes. It’s all about pushing yourself to GREATNESS! You got this!!! I’m rooting for you as you put on your warrior cape! Now go conquer the day and be an amazing warrior that you are!! Have an amazing weekend! Love and Light!

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