Happy June 1st!

Great Ra’sing Readers! How was everyone’s weekend and holiday? I hope it was relaxing and enjoyable. Mines was very long amid the traveling. I was exhausted. Today I’m energized and ready to get back in my routine.

Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May we continue to express gratitude for life. It’s another day to smile, laugh, heal, celebrate and do the things within the desires of our hearts. So mote it be!!! Love and light!!

Today is the first of the month. It’s a new month to complete the things we haven’t been able to complete in May. Making sure you’re going into this month with a positive mindset. It sets the tone for the whole month. If you haven’t already there is still time to abundant your home. Here’s the link in which I talked about how to abundant your home. https://growingpains4evolution.blog/2022/03/31/the-first-of-the-month/

Summer is almost approaching in June. It’s prom season as well as graduation season. Both of my daughters are graduating this month. My oldest son is turning 20 years young this month. My youngest son will be home this month. Like wow where has the time gone. I’m truly grateful for all my blessings. Being a mother of four children is hard work, yet rewarding. I look forward to us relaxing and traveling. Family time is so important.

Use this day to reflect on your blessings. It’s much to be thankful for. Always follow your heart and stand up for what is right. Be your own individual person, it’s what makes you so unique. It’s a good thing to step outside of the norm, but I’ll save that topic for another day. Enjoy your day! Love and light! 💜🤗

3 thoughts on “Happy June 1st!

  1. Hey Kamil! May this month bring prosperity in your life. It already is doing its magic, seeing how all your children are happy and successful. Cheers to them and good luck for their future! My hat is off to you because as you say, it IS difficult to be a mother of one.. Let alone four!
    Good day! 🙂

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    1. Hey Aahna thank you for the kind words. May June bring you prosperity as well. Staying in a positive mindset really does help keep things in alignment. Sometimes we just have to go through the process from point A to point B. But most importantly to change our mindset.

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