Rain Rain go away, but I think I want you to stay!

Great Afternoon Readers! I’m here today to do another blog post while it’s raining outside. Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May we continue to be grateful for life and the things it have to offer. So mote it be!

How’s the weather I’m your town? Are you getting some sunshine or is it snowing? It’s raining in my town and I usually feel sluggish. It’s odd how the weather can affect our moods. Our bodies just be going with the flow of Mother Earth. Sometimes it’s a good thing whereas it’s not a good thing.

Although I’m a fire sign, water is my favorite element. It keeps me calm and at peace. Sometimes it’s my reminder to take a step back and just breathe knowing everything will be okay. Whenever I feel myself getting angry and/or frustrated I have to get access to water quickly. Water will extinguish the flame within me quickly to prevent myself from exploding like a rocket.

In society people would mimic rain as a form of depression. It’s like Mother Earth is crying and I should cry too. What if Mother Earth is not crying tears of sadness, instead she’s crying tears of joy to bring forth more life. Rain (water) brings life to fruition. Several examples of life needing water; humans, plants, animals, etc. Water is a living element and many did not know that.

So with that saying about water being a living element that brings life, enjoy the rain. Go outside and get wet. Let the rain penetrate your skin as it soothes you. Twirl in circles, smile, laugh with your hands in the air thanking Mother Earth for rain. There may be some days in which you’ll have to be the water/rain sharing your wisdom with others in their journey. Love and light!

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