Let Your Body Heal!

Great Monday Readers! Today is a great day to be and feel great! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope it was amazing. It’s prom and graduation season. I feel like it’s the best time of the year to acknowledge the hard work and accomplishments in front of many.

Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May we continue to express gratitude for our life and all it have to offer. It’s another day to laugh, smile, heal, celebrate, etc. ASE!

Did you know that the body has the ability to heal itself if in the right environment? Meaning that you feed your body healthy food, exercise, intermittent fasting, etc. The body is capable of doing wonder without the need for any medication. Medication prolongs the body’s healing process to get rid of whatever that doesn’t belong in the body.

We’re always told that we have to eat something when we’re not feeling well. And we would force ourselves to eat and we’re not hungry. That’s unhealthy. While we’re sick, we need to let the body do it’s job in healing itself. During our illness it’s a time for fasting. Listen to your body. It’ll let you know when you should consume nutrients.

Obesity is a major issue in several countries. People has become so consumed with the need to eat three times a day with snacks in between. Many eat to just be eating without any hunger. Many overeat due to depression amongst other reasons. Why overload your body? It’s important to address the reasons behind overeating. Overeating is a mindset that is possible to eliminate.

Also you can experience ailments within your body. Sometimes ailments are caused by some things we’re struggling with internally. It’s not healthy to keep things inside of you especially if it’s eating you alive. It’s reason why stress is labeled as the silent killer. Keep your body in a positive state so it can heal effectively.

Health is wealth! Keep yourself healthy and your body will reward you immensely. It’s a great feeling not to rely on medications. But there are medications that helps assist the body to heal, but it shouldn’t be continuous. There are plenty of herbs that have the same effects as medication but more powerful and effective. Research different herbs such as rosemary, basil, bay leaves, etc.

I truly thank you readers for the support. This is a busy time of the year with my children. I’ll be taking a break from blogging beginning tomorrow until early September when my children returns to school. However, I’ll check in to do a blog post when I have a message to share. Lastly, it’s six months left of 2022. Focus on yourself and accomplish your goals. Have a phenomenal summer. Love and light!

3 thoughts on “Let Your Body Heal!

    1. Hi Aahna! How are you? I am great, thank you. 😊 2022 is going by so quick. It’s so important to make use of your time as well as to do an inventory of your life. I’m enjoying my summer with my children. It’s a beautiful thing.

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