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Great evening my readers. Are you staying safe and warm during the winter or are you enjoying the sun of the tropical? Whatever season you’re in, be grateful for there is always a lesson in it. In my last post titled, Privilege https://growingpains4evolution.blog/2022/11/18/privilege/, I talked very briefly about themes for the year. As promised, this post will be about themes. In your own words, what is a theme to you? Some people say it’s a New Years Resolution. Theme is like an affirmation with intentions you’ve set over your life.

As I’ve stated in my last blog about my theme for 2022 was called, “Self Love”. However, 2022 was part 2 of “Self Love”. Part one was the year 2021 in which I was learning myself and walking away from what no longer served me. It was the year I was forced to love myself without a choice. It was the year I had published my memior which was very raw and hard-core truth. I didn’t sugar coat anything, because I needed to release and let go of whatever was binding me. Of course people looked at me differently upon reading my memior whether that be more understanding or a distortion. It didn’t bother me at all, because they didn’t walk my journey nor endured what I’ve endured. So to each it’s own with their opinions.

I had to continue with my “Self Love” theme into the year of 2022. I was still evolving and learning how to set my boundaries. I’ve learned not to abandon my own ship for other people knowing they wouldn’t do the same for me. This year was the year I was tested greatly on mastering my emotions. I had to really master that skill and train myself that no response/reaction is a powerful response itself. I’ve learned not to feel any type of way when someone tells me no and/or unable to help me, but help the next person of the same request. I’ve learned that whatever people do has nothing to do with me at all. As an empath, I’ve learned to not get myself involved in people’s affairs when it’s a lesson they need to learn. I’ve been able to do the things I love such as reading a book, taking an hour walk in the community, signing, etc. The love for myself has grown stronger. With only one month left in 2022, trust and believe it’ll be finished on a strong note going into 2023 healthy.

What will be my 2023 theme? I sure did came up with a great one with a combination of a few words. My theme: Living life Bold, Fearless, and Unapologetic. Twenty twenty-three (2023) is the year to move wisely. I’ve set the tone for my year and will put in the work.

What was your 2022 theme? Is it continuing from 2021? November and December should be the months to do a good reflection on how your year was. Reflect on what you learned from any obstacles you’ve faced. Reflect on minor and major accomplishments that made you feel good about yourself. Try to document it in a journal (blank notebook is good). Having a journal is a great tool/resource, because it provides insights to your maturity level and growth.

So what’s your theme for 2023? What do you want to accomplish? Remember you are the Co-Creator of your life no matter what you do and don’t do. You want things to happen, then you must be willing to put in the work. If you don’t put in the work, you can’t blame anyone but yourself for how your life turned out. Alright until next time yall be safe and take your life goals seriously. It’s moves to be made that’s for sure. With love and light, Goddess Kamil with a K.

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