Goddess Kamil with a K!

As you may know, I’m a lover, healer, and the epitome of gratitude. Love flows freely from within me to all those who need it. As a healer, I hold space for one while they are on their journey of finding themselves. As the epitome of gratitude, I’m beyond grateful for what I have in my life. The more grateful I am, the more abundance I receive.

I’m an author of an amazing memoir called “Evolution Of Spiritually Nakedness”! In the memoir I share my journey of evolution as I find myself. It took for me to expose every depth of myself to know who I am and to love all of me. It wasn’t an easy journey, but it was well worth it. My love of self is the most important law I must honor in order for me to fulfill my life purpose to help others on their journey. So with that being said, to be of service to myself is to be of service to the community at large.


You too can become a beautiful butterfly. Just enjoy the journey from within to get there.

Kamil Gerald

Growing pains are your inner muscles to prepare you for your greatest comeback! Get Ready!

Kamil Gerald

I cried a million times. But not one tear went unanswered! How? I answered my own tears!

Kamil Gerald

Let’s build something together.