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Getting Through The Holidays

Great Ra’sing readers! How is everyone feeling? I hope you are getting through each day the best way you can especially around the holidays. Before we dive into the blog, let’s set our intentions. May our day be filled with gratitude, abundance, happiness, peace, productive, and sound reflections. May we continue to be appreciative of our life and the lessons it comes with. May our work be our answers for good for ourselves and our family. So mote it be. Asé!

Holidays can be difficult for some and for some it brings happiness. Ask yourself what does the holiday means to you. How does it make you feel? Holidays can also be a time of reflection. Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving for some were a time to reflect on relationships and gratitude of family and/or friends. For me, I reflected on how I used to have big gatherings at my house to it just being my children. I definitely miss it, but my peace is more important than anything.

When you get to a point in your life to avoid drama, you make certain lifestyle changes. At some point you realize that life is not fulfilling when it is full of drama. And you also realize it is a waste of time. Time is too precious to be wasting. Time is not something we can get back. Each of us have an hour glass that we can not see nor know when our time is up. We have to use our time constructively and for the betterment of our well being.

We are in the last month of 2022. Whatever holiday you celebrate in December, take time to reflect on what you want to do differently. Leave whatever that is not benefitting you in this year of 2022. Don’t bring it into the new year of 2023. Yes, there may be some chapters with people you may need to close and/or not reopen it. Just thank them for the lessons they’ve taught you and let them go. You always hear that “people are in your life for a season.” And I hope that whatever season they’ve departed, the lesson was learned to fulfill your growth/maturity. And as they always say,”Life is the best teacher”.

With all that being said, embrace your growth and maturity. Be thankful for the time you are given each day to make a difference. Whether that be a difference in your own life or someone else’s. But most importantly celebrate the small and big wins that nobody knows about. And keep in mind that you are the “win”, because of your dedication, consistency, discipline, and all. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog filled with rubies of wisdom. Until next time my readers, make the best of December, the final month of 2022. Goddess Kamil with a K.

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Great evening my readers. Are you staying safe and warm during the winter or are you enjoying the sun of the tropical? Whatever season you’re in, be grateful for there is always a lesson in it. In my last post titled, Privilege, I talked very briefly about themes for the year. As promised, this post will be about themes. In your own words, what is a theme to you? Some people say it’s a New Years Resolution. Theme is like an affirmation with intentions you’ve set over your life.

As I’ve stated in my last blog about my theme for 2022 was called, “Self Love”. However, 2022 was part 2 of “Self Love”. Part one was the year 2021 in which I was learning myself and walking away from what no longer served me. It was the year I was forced to love myself without a choice. It was the year I had published my memior which was very raw and hard-core truth. I didn’t sugar coat anything, because I needed to release and let go of whatever was binding me. Of course people looked at me differently upon reading my memior whether that be more understanding or a distortion. It didn’t bother me at all, because they didn’t walk my journey nor endured what I’ve endured. So to each it’s own with their opinions.

I had to continue with my “Self Love” theme into the year of 2022. I was still evolving and learning how to set my boundaries. I’ve learned not to abandon my own ship for other people knowing they wouldn’t do the same for me. This year was the year I was tested greatly on mastering my emotions. I had to really master that skill and train myself that no response/reaction is a powerful response itself. I’ve learned not to feel any type of way when someone tells me no and/or unable to help me, but help the next person of the same request. I’ve learned that whatever people do has nothing to do with me at all. As an empath, I’ve learned to not get myself involved in people’s affairs when it’s a lesson they need to learn. I’ve been able to do the things I love such as reading a book, taking an hour walk in the community, signing, etc. The love for myself has grown stronger. With only one month left in 2022, trust and believe it’ll be finished on a strong note going into 2023 healthy.

What will be my 2023 theme? I sure did came up with a great one with a combination of a few words. My theme: Living life Bold, Fearless, and Unapologetic. Twenty twenty-three (2023) is the year to move wisely. I’ve set the tone for my year and will put in the work.

What was your 2022 theme? Is it continuing from 2021? November and December should be the months to do a good reflection on how your year was. Reflect on what you learned from any obstacles you’ve faced. Reflect on minor and major accomplishments that made you feel good about yourself. Try to document it in a journal (blank notebook is good). Having a journal is a great tool/resource, because it provides insights to your maturity level and growth.

So what’s your theme for 2023? What do you want to accomplish? Remember you are the Co-Creator of your life no matter what you do and don’t do. You want things to happen, then you must be willing to put in the work. If you don’t put in the work, you can’t blame anyone but yourself for how your life turned out. Alright until next time yall be safe and take your life goals seriously. It’s moves to be made that’s for sure. With love and light, Goddess Kamil with a K.



Great Ra’sing my beautiful readers! How did you feel when you woke up? I hope you felt grateful knowing that you create happiness and joy in your life. Did you have a good night’s rest? I hope you did, dreaming of all you want to accomplish. Or you may have dreamed of a loved one you missed dearly and they came to put a smile on your face.

I went to bed late last night anticipating great things happening in my life. I went to bed with a new mindset of how I should “abundant” my day. In the rising, I’ll say “Abundant the rising for me and mines!” In the afternoon, I say “Abundant the noon for me and mines!” Then finally before bed I say, “Abundant the night for me and mines!” I chose the word “abundant” instead of “blessed”, because abundant has so much meaning to it and you’re greeting throughout your day with abundance. You’re attracting abundance into your life.

Trust me, once you start applying “abundant” to your life through speaking it with intention, you’ll see your life will begin to shift with purpose and gratitude. It is such an amazing feeling. I woke up this rising feeling happy and all smiles ready to dance. I was truly happy and grateful for my life despite my circumstances. Circumstances don’t last forever. They come to teach us what we need to change about ourselves. In most cases it’s to help us change our mindset on how we should perceive life as well as ourselves.

Make the most of life with intentions of happiness and joy! People usually say live life everyday as if it’s your last day. Why live as if it’s your last day when you can live as if you’re living as an immortal without any fear or regrets? I don’t want to think of any day as my last day. I’m living life abundantly while the Universe showers me with so much love as I express so much gratitude. Ask yourself, “What and how is my connection with nature and life?” There should be no fear for it deprives us from reaching our potentials. That’s if we let it. Sometimes we need to use fear to our advantage to face it before getting to the other side. Fear is “false evidence appearing real”, go against the grain and you’ll be glad you did!

I share this message with you all to take time to reflect on life and what you’re grateful for. The more grateful you are, the more joy and happiness you’ll experience in your life. I feel phenomenal getting up knowing today will be a great day! How do I know? It’s because I put it out there into the Universe with intentions and coexisting with it that it will be a great day! Until next time my readers stay encouraged and be of good spirit!

So mote it be!

Goddess Kamil with a K



Great Ra’sing my beautiful readers! How are each of you feeling? It feels good to wake up to another chance at life. A chance to do whatever it is that you needed to take care of and wanted to do. Often we forget to be grateful for life. There is a constant need to remind ourselves to not take life for granted. Enjoy all the beauty of life and what it have to offer.

Yesterday I was reading a few passages in the Simply Abundance book by Sarah Breathmach. Each passage reminded me of I needed to be grateful for what I have now. I really had to do a double take on my mindset. I was so consumed with all that was going wrong in my life. I complained about I starting over in life. I was angry and hurt. My thought process was toxic and I was pouring this kind of energy out into the universe without realizing I was attracting more negativity.

I told myself I needed to get back to being grateful for the things I have now. I could’ve been in a worse situation than I am now. I’ve learned that I cannot entertain certain conversations with people because they tend to keep the negativity going instead of speaking life and/or giving an insight of how the situation should be looked at for the betterment. This is when you really have to have a conversation with “Me, Myself, and I”. Nonetheless, I began to state all the things I’m grateful for. It does something to your brain and body. You’re feeling relaxed and appreciative. I began to feel good once again. It was a familiar feeling that I haven’t felt in so long. I truly missed it.

I was truly thankful for the Universe to wake my children and I up this grand rising to meditate. It was a huge accomplishment for me. It’s the little thing that matters. Each day I challenge you to name five things you’re grateful for. You’ll see how your whole mindset will transform for the better. Until next time readers take on the challenge of being grateful!

ASE! NTR Kamil with a K!



Great Ra’sing my lovely readers! How’s your week going so far? I hope it’s going well and you’re being productive. My week was starting off rough. I was not in the mood to be in my masculine self to shovel 12-18 inches of snow so my truck wouldn’t be stuck. I kept falling in the snow as I shoveled. I was so over it!! I just wanted to throw the shovel, but what would that solve? Nothing! So I kept shoveling as I burned calories. I was determined and I accomplished my goal (my truck not stuck). With that much discipline and determination, I needed to have when it comes to rebuilding.

As I did my laundry, thoughts about my life appeared before my mind. I thought about all the sacrifices I’ve made to get where I’m at. Although I’m not exactly happy in this point of my life to be rebuilding. Who wants to be starting over from scratch in their 30s? I never wanted to, but I had no choice but to do after I had found myself. Let me share that experience with you.

Finding myself was a painful journey, but worth it. I had to put an end to giving so much of myself to the point of betraying myself. Although I was trying to keep the peace, I realized it was damaging me. It wasn’t helping to let people walk all over me. Once I started setting up healthy boundaries, a lot of people walked away. They benefited so much from me because of the lack of boundaries I had in place. When you give so much of your time without being replenished, you become so drained out.

I thought about all the people who walked out my life and those I walked away from. I was sad especially over those I had a long history with. Friendships, relationships, and familyships were no longer the same. You get to a point in your life where you value your time. My time is no longer free, because I’ve wasted so much time helping others to succeed while I sacrificed myself. So many times I thought people would do for me like I did for them. Truth of the matter is they don’t have a heart like I do. And they’re not loyal like I am. I used to be mad at myself for being loyal to the wrong people. I thought about all that I’ve done for them. I keep asking myself, “why did you sacrifice so much of yourself?” Feeling depleted is not even the emotion I want to describe how I felt. They’ll never find anyone like me whose loyalty is hardcore and solid.

I hated that I invested so much of my life pleasing people. I hated that it took me so long to wake up from being booboo the fool. Ain’t no point in dwelling on time lost with these ungrateful people. Acknowledging the growing pains always made me worn out from the crying and hurt to build myself up. And because of how the process made me felt, I vowed to not go through this again. Although the process taught me to love myself, put myself first, and to not tolerate anything that will hinder my growth. I deserved a lot of things and always told myself I deserved the world. I realized that I don’t need to be waiting on a man to give me the world. Instead I need to give myself the world by any means necessary!

I conclude this post with “PUT YOURSELF FIRST!” Stop doubting yourself! Stop shortchanging yourself! Love yourself as if you love doing your favorite thing! Get to knowing yourself and finding your happiness. Remember happiness is an inside job that begins within you. Don’t let someone have control of your happiness/emotions. I’m a witness that life does get better after you find happiness within you. Yes it was hard and painful especially when you’ve relied on others to fulfill your happiness. It’s just a matter of changing your mindset to holding yourself accountable.

Until next time my lovely readers, work on changing your mindset for the better. Reflect on life and make changes when necessary. May you have a productive week!

ASE!, Goddess Kamil with a K



Good evening my lovely readers! How are you my Dear? I hope you is full of abundance and prosperity. Have you been taking the time to be in the moment? I hope so. It’s so important to be in the moment to acknowledge yourself and what you have. It takes no more than five minutes to express your gratitude to the Universe and/or Higher Power.

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Self love is today’s blog topic. Many of us forget to love ourselves unconditionally. We’re so busy tending and loving everyone else without taking time out for ourselves. When was the last time you gave yourself a hug? When was the last time you treated yourself out to eat, to the movies, a nice hotel, spa, etc.? Please don’t tell me it’s been years since you last treated yourself out to something nice. No wondered why you feel so overwhelmed, stressed out, or depressed.

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Babe listen, if you don’t take care of yourself, who do you expect to take care of you? Don’t say the people that you’ve been there for, because 9 times out of 10 they won’t come through for you unless they are very genuine. I’m just being honest here. Seriously who do you think will take care of you how you want to be taken care of? The answer is no one but yourself!

While growing up, I struggled with loving myself. There were so many factors that played into I not loving myself how I should such as my hearing disability, being raised in foster care, weight issues (stress belly), and feeling unpretty. I relied on people to make me feel good as well as them loving me. It wasn’t until I had to walk away from a painful 10 year marriage that forced me to love myself. The journey of finding love within myself was a painful one, but well worth it. A lot of healing had to take place as well as reprogramming my mind to be opposite of the names my ex-husband called me. I realized the names he called me were a reflection of himself. Because he was suffering low self-esteem, he wanted me to suffer low-esteem with him just so he could make himself feel and look good.

Having the courage to walk away from it all was a huge accomplishment for me. I put myself first. My love of self is way more important than the emotional and verbal abuse. Love is not supposed to be abusive at all. Love protects and heal! Since I started loving myself, things has been falling in place for me. Life is so peaceful, positive, happiness, and full of joy.

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I share my story, because everyone deserves to be happy! Happiness starts within you! You are responsible for your own happiness. Anybody coming along should be an addition to your happiness. Don’t let people control your emotions or else they will dictate your actions. When you love all of you, you’ll find yourself attractive not having a care in the world. It’s so sexy/mature to be you without any regrets! Go get your nose pierced. Get that tat you always wanted. Be creative and bold, dye your hair! Choose a bold nail color! Whatever it is you wanted to do and/or try, DO IT! You won’t know until you try it! Change is good especially when you’ve been thinking out the box. Now make it happen!! When you love yourself fiercely and boldly, you’ll never do anything to sabotage your happiness/love of self ever again. Go head boo, your love is radiating! Keep spreading that sunshine! Love of self is the number one law to honor before anything else!!! Love yourself boo!! I’m clapping for you as you put yourself first!!! Keep talking positive to yourself and tell yourself you love them daily!!

Stay encouraged, loved, abundant and full of prosperity! Until next time my lovely readers make sure you take on the challenge of loving yourself daily and treating yourself to something nice!

Abundance and Prosperity,

Goddess Kamil with a K


In The Moment!

Welcome my lovely readers! How is everyone doing? I hope you’re feeling loved, appreciated, rejuvenated, motivated and so much more. As for me I’m feeling “in the moment”. I’m not dwelling on my past nor worrying about my future. I’m just “in the moment”.

Often times we are consumed with the affairs of our lives. We’re constantly on the go like an energized bunny. This and that have to be taken care of or else it’s an epic disaster. What we fail to realize is the ability to be in the moment. Instead of us sitting back and reflecting, we procrastinate. This is why our mental health goes in overdrive. We’re too busy trying to control and/or change a situation that we have no control over. Some situations have a purpose which is to change us. Other situations calls for us to be in the moment to receive the lesson. But most situations calls for us to make some changes for the better.

Let’s dig a little deeper of being in the moment. Each day is a gift to be here so why not enjoy your gifts? Why spend the day stressed out, feeling overwhelmed, depressed and all? Please tell me why, knowing we can spend the day feeling loved, appreciated, grateful, full of laughter and joy. Let me tell you something about stress. Stress is a silent killer and it causes all kinds of ailments in our body. Many didn’t know that stress is a choice. In the norm of society, when things don’t go our way we tend to stress. Instead of making a choice to stress, let’s change the narrative by asking ourselves, “okay, what can we do differently or what is the situation trying to teach me?” It’s all about responding to the situation from a different perspective.

Society has taught us to be reactive of everything as if something always has to be done. That’s never the case or else we’ll always be stressed out and burned out. We’ll always tell ourselves, “I can’t catch a break for nothing!” How can you break this horrible habit? Change your mindset! Train your mind to think positive. Look for the good in everything no matter the situation. It’s easier said than done. I know that, but once you apply it in your life, you’ll see life is much more manageable to live. It all plays into the law of attraction. Whatever you think is what you put out into the universe. The universe only responds to frequency. You can’t fool the universe with your fake mask, it knows the real you because you are energy!

You’re probably like “woooaaaaahhhh, how we’re energy?” What if I told you that you’re made of stardust infused with so many stars? That’s too deep for ya’ll. Y’all not ready for that conversation. I’ll save it for another blog topic, I promise. But back to being in the moment. Let me share what it’s like being in the moment in nature. It’s imperative to learn how to embrace nature through our five senses.

  1. Adore its beauty with your eyes.
  2. Listen to the sounds of the birds, animals, etc. with your ears.
  3. Taste the fruits/vegetables slowly absorbing the flavor within your mouth.
  4. Feel the trees, flowers, etc. with your hands.
  5. Smell the fresh air, flowers, etc. with your nose. Practice inhaling and exhaling.

Spend time with nature whether that’s having a picnic, sitting on a swing, riding a bike or going for a walk. Whatever you do, be in the moment embracing all there is to be received. Spending time with nature is also good for your overall health especially your mental health.

Wherever you are whether that’s in the movie theater, water park, home, or party, apply your five senses to be in the moment. Enjoy life to the fullest. When we’re in the moment, we’re relaxed, we’re able to think clearly and most importantly at peace. You can create your life through the power of “I can” and “I am”! It’s a different mindset and you don’t set limitations for yourself. Setting limitations for yourself is confining yourself to a box. It’s like you’re refusing to go beyond yourself to reach your highest potentials. Believe it or not, most of our dreams are accomplished when we surpass our limitations. Keep breaking those barriers boo! And keep setting the path for the next generation! So what if no is rooting for you, know that I’m rooting for you all the way babe!

Here are a few affirmations to get you started on your journey to changing the narrative of your thought process. You can come up with your own affirmations as well. When you say them, mean it and put much emphasis into it.

  1. I see the best in everyone!
  2. My life is good and full of abundance!
  3. I have the gift of life to still be here breathing!
  4. I am capable!
  5. I am enough!
  6. I can do whatever my heart desires!
  7. I am full of gratitude!
  8. Nothing can hold me down unless I let it!
  9. I got this!

If you would like for me to send you a list of life changing affirmations, please send me an email at or comment below with your email address. Until next time my readers, I challenge you all to make the shift of changing the narrative and being in the moment. Please share how you like to be in the moment.

Love and Light!


Growing Pains For Evolution

Greetings Readers! I, Kamil Gerald returns to the excitement of blogging. I was a former blogger of Deaf Sunshine. I took a break to work on running my nonprofit, GrahamHaven Foundation and writing my memoir (Evolution of Spiritually Nakedness) full time.

The year of 2021 has been full of lessons, heartbreaks, setbacks, growth, etc, but all for the better. So with me coming back into blogging, I needed to have a different name for my platform. Growing Pains For Evolution appeared in my mind, because I was going through growing pains. I realized growing pains are a necessity for evolution.

Without pain how would we be able to grow? How would we know not to make the same mistake again? How would we know how strong we are? I felt “Growing Pains For Evolution” was the right title. During the process of growing pains, we are receiving rubies of wisdom. So with that being said, this blog will contain rubies of wisdom to get through the growing pains. It’s a journey we must all go through. Just know that pain does not last forever except the loss of a parent, child, loved one, etc. Those are pains we learn to manage/adjust to while moving forward in our life.

Let me add, you do come out of your journey stronger than when you first entered the journey. Remember you have the option to learn from the journey or run from it only to be face with it again. “You too can become a beautiful butterfly. Just enjoy the journey from within to get there!” Kamil Gerald. I came up with this quote to read to myself daily. It’s my mantra to embrace my journey of becoming the person I need to be.

May you have a productive day! Please subscribe to my blog. Until next time ask yourself what is the lesson you need to learn from your growing pains. Then embrace the lesson for it’s to help you become a better and stronger version of yourself!