Access Denied!

Great Ra’sing! Today is a beautiful day! Set your intentions and make it a great day! Abundant the day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Once again we are thankful for life which is another day to live. So mote it be!

How do you feel about too many people having access to you? For some they like all the attention. For others it makes them feel uncomfortable. Or maybe for some they tolerate it whenever they feel like it. Whatever the case may be, be careful of who have access to you.

“Why do I have to be careful Kamil?” You have to be careful for your own protection. A person who have too much access to you may study you. This could be a positive thing or a negative thing depending on the motive. If you’re the type of person who does not like to be alone, you probably let people have access to you whenever. Why? Because you like the attention you’re receiving and you’re always occupied. That’s not healthy. It’s imperative to take and utilize alone time to rejuvenate yourself.

Prior to my evolution, all types of people had access to me. Some wanted me to keep them company, studied me, kept me distracted and so much more. As I evolved, I’ve left people where they had me messed up. Even now there are a few people lingering around. I thought last night how these such people have access to me, but for their own personal gains. This is why having alone time is important. You’re able to discern in the midst of receiving clarity. Last night clarity was on point.

With that being said always remember that your presence is a privilege. Not everyone should have access to you. Set your healthy boundaries in place to protect you. And remember it’s okay to cut people off. They don’t hesitate twice to see if you’re valuable. Know your worth! Love and light!