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Getting Through The Holidays

Great Ra’sing readers! How is everyone feeling? I hope you are getting through each day the best way you can especially around the holidays. Before we dive into the blog, let’s set our intentions. May our day be filled with gratitude, abundance, happiness, peace, productive, and sound reflections. May we continue to be appreciative of our life and the lessons it comes with. May our work be our answers for good for ourselves and our family. So mote it be. Asé!

Holidays can be difficult for some and for some it brings happiness. Ask yourself what does the holiday means to you. How does it make you feel? Holidays can also be a time of reflection. Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving for some were a time to reflect on relationships and gratitude of family and/or friends. For me, I reflected on how I used to have big gatherings at my house to it just being my children. I definitely miss it, but my peace is more important than anything.

When you get to a point in your life to avoid drama, you make certain lifestyle changes. At some point you realize that life is not fulfilling when it is full of drama. And you also realize it is a waste of time. Time is too precious to be wasting. Time is not something we can get back. Each of us have an hour glass that we can not see nor know when our time is up. We have to use our time constructively and for the betterment of our well being.

We are in the last month of 2022. Whatever holiday you celebrate in December, take time to reflect on what you want to do differently. Leave whatever that is not benefitting you in this year of 2022. Don’t bring it into the new year of 2023. Yes, there may be some chapters with people you may need to close and/or not reopen it. Just thank them for the lessons they’ve taught you and let them go. You always hear that “people are in your life for a season.” And I hope that whatever season they’ve departed, the lesson was learned to fulfill your growth/maturity. And as they always say,”Life is the best teacher”.

With all that being said, embrace your growth and maturity. Be thankful for the time you are given each day to make a difference. Whether that be a difference in your own life or someone else’s. But most importantly celebrate the small and big wins that nobody knows about. And keep in mind that you are the “win”, because of your dedication, consistency, discipline, and all. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog filled with rubies of wisdom. Until next time my readers, make the best of December, the final month of 2022. Goddess Kamil with a K.


Access Denied!

Great Ra’sing! Today is a beautiful day! Set your intentions and make it a great day! Abundant the day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Once again we are thankful for life which is another day to live. So mote it be!

How do you feel about too many people having access to you? For some they like all the attention. For others it makes them feel uncomfortable. Or maybe for some they tolerate it whenever they feel like it. Whatever the case may be, be careful of who have access to you.

“Why do I have to be careful Kamil?” You have to be careful for your own protection. A person who have too much access to you may study you. This could be a positive thing or a negative thing depending on the motive. If you’re the type of person who does not like to be alone, you probably let people have access to you whenever. Why? Because you like the attention you’re receiving and you’re always occupied. That’s not healthy. It’s imperative to take and utilize alone time to rejuvenate yourself.

Prior to my evolution, all types of people had access to me. Some wanted me to keep them company, studied me, kept me distracted and so much more. As I evolved, I’ve left people where they had me messed up. Even now there are a few people lingering around. I thought last night how these such people have access to me, but for their own personal gains. This is why having alone time is important. You’re able to discern in the midst of receiving clarity. Last night clarity was on point.

With that being said always remember that your presence is a privilege. Not everyone should have access to you. Set your healthy boundaries in place to protect you. And remember it’s okay to cut people off. They don’t hesitate twice to see if you’re valuable. Know your worth! Love and light!



Great Ra’sing Readers! How was everyone’s weekend and Monday? I hope it was relaxing and enjoyable. I also hope it was a memorable weekend to thank all the mothers for their dedication in raising their children.

Let’s take a quick minute out of our day to abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May we express gratitude for our life to live, smile, laugh, heal, celebrate and all the things we desire. So shall it be!

Let’s talk about confusion. No one likes to be put in a position to be confused. But what matters is how we deal with the confusion. It could be a good thing or a negative thing. It depends on your mindset regarding it. We’ve been programmed that confusion is a negative thing and that is not always the case. Sometimes confusion comes into our life to teach us a thing or two by forcing us to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

When confused, pay attention to your emotions. Write them down and ask yourself questions if you have to. Such questions can be; “what emotion is this? What transpired to make me feel this way? What was I expecting? What is the message behind it?” Take time alone to meditate and seek clarity. But most importantly always remember “yourself”!

I challenge each of you to seek clarity in the midst of your confusion. Often times we’re not confused, we just missed a step and/or an important message. Also be very wary of people who tried to cause confusion in your life, because they themselves are confused. Even if you tried to show them the bigger picture to eliminate their confusion, it’s up to them if they accept it or wants to remain confused. Have a phenomenal day Readers!


Happy Friday!

Great Ra’sing Readers! How are you feeling? Did you get a good night’s rest? I hope you did. I also hope you are feeling rejuvenated from that good night’s rest. Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family! May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! It shall be done!

Today I don’t know what to write, but I’ll go with the flow of my hands typing. It never fails when my hands type or write away like nothing is stopping them at all. They always seem to capture the voice of my heart into typing/writing. They usually say it’s called script writing, because your mind is writing from your subconscious.

I’m still resting from Wednesday’s ordeal. As I paused to think about how I have so much to accomplish. The journey to success is always a lonely path. Your circle changed a great deal. People who you thought would be apart of your story were only a chapter. Whether we want to or not, we must accept each person’s purpose in our lives. Some purposes come to teach and change us while other purposes is to plant a seed of knowledge. It’s up to us to water it wisely or not. Each season carries a different reason of why we must go through what we have to go through.

Next week my heartbeats will be on spring break. I’ll be taking that break with them as we spend time together. We’re going to do family scrapbooking which is my favorite looking at pictures and so. I’ll be back to blogging after vacation on April 18th. Have a good holiday with family, friends and pets.



Great Ra’sing! Happy Monday!! What an amazing gift to be given to wake up on this day! Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! Namaste!

How was your weekend? I hope it was phenomenal! Mines was very interesting, yet a lot of reflection took place. I was also experiencing a lot of dream downloads. It left me exhausted, but I gained some invaluable insight on life. Therefore I don’t mind experiencing dream downloads. It means a message is making its way to me especially if I haven’t been paying attention to the signs.

Some dreams may be sweet while others may be intense leaving your mouth and throat dry. When you first wake up from a dream it’s best to write down what happened as soon as possible in a dream book. What’s a dream book? It’s a book where you record your dreams. There is always a message in the dream itself whether it be a warning, a celebration, etc. I have a dream book and I always go back to read it especially if a dream came true. When a dream comes true, I write down in the dream book when that dream transpired.

With that being said take time to reflect on your dreams. Try to understand/comprehend what your dream is trying to reveal to you. Never underestimate the power of your dreams and your ability to interpret it. Yes you may need some assistance for clarification, but the answers are always within you if you pay attention to the signs. Sometimes life events happen for us to be able to understand the meaning of our dreams. Why not invest in a dream book and start keeping track of your dreams? You’ll thank me later that you did. It’s like you’re given a message from the future. How amazing is that? Have a phenomenal day and remember to treasure your dreams!


What Is Your Life Assignment?

Great Ra’sing! It’s a beautiful day to wake up to. It’s another day to accept the gift of life. We sure do have a lot to be grateful for. May we abundant our rising for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Amen!

Everyday that we wake up, we are given another day to touch someone’s life, make a difference, as well as to make it right. Yesterday I took a break from blogging to run a few errands. Those errands turned out to be life changing and I felt a shift. I didn’t realize yesterday was the New Moon in Pisces which definitely explained all the shifts that transpired.

The shifts made me feel at peace with my assignment as I do my time on Mother Earth. My imagination was in overdrive as I helped and uplifted my younger sister with her clothing business. She needed someone to confide in especially after the passing of our mother five years ago. A year after our mother’s ascension, I relocated to another state. I was there for three years until I relocated back home four months ago. She was alone and told me she needed me. From there I knew I had to help her.

With me being the oldest of my mother’s seven children, I always made sure all my siblings knew each other. I kept us close for over 20 years despite us being separated and raised in different households. Trust me it was hard to keep all of us in touch. After the ascension of our mother, I let go of the torch to still keep us together. I was tired and they wasn’t putting in much effort to communicate with each other. When I had relocated to another state, they were hurt. They told me I should’ve discussed with them about I leaving. I laughed, because I’m like I’m a grown woman. I don’t need their permission to relocate. But little did I know they were afraid. They are so used to me supporting and encouraging them. I was their second mother and they made it clear that I was. From that moment on, I once again picked up the torch to keep us together under one condition. They all must put in the effort to remain in touch with each other. That’s all I ask of them nothing more, nothing less.

I share all this to say that we must pay attention to the signs. Sometimes a person silence can tell you a lot just by their energy. And this may prompt you to see if they’re okay. Take a moment to reflect on your life and what you’ve been doing. What is your assignment/purpose on Mother Earth? Your passion is what leads you to your purpose.

Many think they have to research and figure out their passion. That is not necessarily the case. Your passion can be something you love to do. And whatever you love to do will lead you to your purpose to help the next person in need. Passion is something you feel so strongly about. It’s a burning desire in your heart to use it to help others because it helped you. Whether we realize it or not, every direction we take in life all leads to helping the next person no matter the profession.

Take time to understand your assignment. From there you’ll feel a great sense of peace overcome you. And that’s when you are actually living. Life is more meaningful. Have a phenomenal Thursday!

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Choosing Peace

Happy Monday! Abundant the rising for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. ASE!

How was your weekend? Did you spend time with family, friends and/or pets? Or did you relax and enjoy the weather? Hopefully your weekend was productive. My weekend was very interesting. I did a lot of reflecting, spent time with my children and worked on my projects.

During my reflection I was reminded to see things for what they are. There was no need to stress myself over situations I could not control. There was a lot of forgiveness I had to work through to make sure I actually forgave the person. From that moment on I decided to choose peace in every aspect of my life. I’m not wasting any more energy on proving someone wrong, overthinking, etc. If anything was disrupting and/or costing my peace, I eliminate the source out of my life.

We all want to be at and in peace. Peace gives us a sense of assurance knowing that everything will be okay. Peace keeps us in a calm state which is very beneficial for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. In everything you do, do it with peace coming from your heart.

Have a productive day full of peace. Take time to experience the aroma of peace which is usually embracing the stillness/quietness. It’s so therapeutic.

Goddess Kamil with a K


Changing The Narrative

Great Ra’sing! It feels good to be given another opportunity to live and have a great day! It feels good knowing today will be a day of smiles and laughs which is the best medicine! You have to really believe and feel the goods!

What you think and feel determines your day unless someone comes along and alter your day for good or bad. Only you can determine if a person’s action will cause a reaction from you. Will their actions affect your mood? I hope not. Maybe you can either ignore it or inquire if something is bothering them. Easier said than done right? I know. I used to mind my own business and ignore outbursts. It’s a way to keep myself from having any conflicts, but most importantly to allow one to have their space to get through the present moment.

I soon realized people be needing someone to talk to, but doesn’t know who they can confide in. Either that or maybe they are embarrassed to talk about and rather vent in a way to deal with their issues. Hopefully it’s being dealt with in a constructive way. It doesn’t hurt to reassure them that everything will be okay even though we may not know. The goal is to pass on hope and faith during any difficult situation.

It’s imperative for us to set alone time for ourselves before we start the day. That alone time sets the foundation of the day. Often we’re so busy in the morning getting ready for work, school, etc. that we forget about ourselves. All you need is five minutes in the morning to yourself giving gratitude and telling yourself it will be a great day. Set your intentions of feeling great and knowing it will be a great day. Let’s change the narrative of our risings/mornings.

Until next time my readers, I challenge you to spend five minutes of your time with yourself. You’ll gradually extend the time once you realize the importance of alone time with self. It’s a great day full of smiles and laughs!

Keep smiling and laughing,

Goddess Kamil with a K