Great Early Ra’sing! How are each of you? I hope your summer was fun, relaxing, and everything you desired it to be. Let’s abundant the rising for ourselves and our family. May our work be our prayer for good intentions for ourselves and our family. May we continue to express gratitude for life, its another day to laugh, live, and do the things we wanted to do. So mote it be! Ase!

Here we are about to experience autumn 🍂 weather. I look forward to the leaves changing colors hence the post title “transformation”. Autumn brings on spiced cider, apple cinnamon aroma, pumpkin spice, and so much more. 😋 I’m excited. Are you excited? I hope so.

Tell me what do you think of transformation. Transformation can mean many things. It is more related to change for the better. You leave behind the old to embrace the new. The four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) is a perfect example of transformation. Sometimes we don’t realize we went through a transformation whereas we do recognize it.

I come to share with you that transformation is normal and apart of life. Think of the journey of the caterpillar to a butterfly. Beautiful transformation right? We as humans are always transforming. And we have our reasons for doing so. Don’t feel guilty for changing for the better especially when people tried to belittle you. Remember what they do and say to you has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them and whatever they’re struggling with. So don’t take things personally nor make any assumptions.

During my transformation over the summer, I noticed I don’t have any tolerance for people who trauma bond. Why? Because I’m not in that same mental space anymore. In other words I no longer have conversations about what’s going wrong in my life nor I talk about the past. When you complain about life and/or talking about the past, you are replaying the events over for it to happen again in your life. The only time you should bring up the past is to share what it has taught you.

I don’t allow anyone to tell me I’m resilient because of the struggles I went through in life. Suffering/struggling are not normal yet the society as a whole accepted it as normal. That’s a topic for another day. Anyhow you really see things for what it is. This blog platform needs a new name. Why, because I’m no longer in that mental space to address growing pains. Right now I’m just thriving in my element which is teaching sign language to the community. It’s what I love to do and it’s my passion.

With all that being said ask yourself do you need to undergo a surgery of transformation. Do you need to let go of the fear and embrace your true self? It is true when you go through the transformation you will no longer tolerate things and conversations you once did. You’ll look at things from a different angle in other words see things for what it is. Be overall be proud of yourself for taking the initiative to better YOU! Until next time readers continue to be YOU and never settle yourself for anyone. And don’t let anyone pressure you or make you feel guilty for doing what’s best for you. Have a phenomenal day! Love and light ✨️ Goddess Kamil with a K


Goodbye Clutter!

Great Ra’sing and Happy Friday!! Let’s express our gratitude for life and the things we have. Today is a great day! May we abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! Love and light!!

Let’s talk about decluttering things that no longer serve its purpose in our life. Yesterday I talked about spring cleaning your goals, here’s the link to check it out: https://growingpains4evolution.blog/2022/05/05/spring-cleaning-your-goals/ Now that we addressed our goals, it’s time to address things, events, and people that can hinder our process in achieving our goals. I’m going to warn you right now, you’ll lose some friends down the way once you start getting serious about your life.

But if they are really your friend, they’ll support you. A friend that does not support you nor encourage you is not a friend sorry to bear the hurtful truth. It’s totally normal to outgrow people in your life as you continue to evolve and elevate. I’ve outgrown a lot of people and my life has become more peaceful. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my lonely days, but I’ve learned to utilize my time to complete my projects without any distractions. It’s a great feeling when I complete my projects!

Remember May is the month to be disciplined, consistent, focus, and accomplishing goals. Here’s a link in which I talked about May being the transformation month, https://growingpains4evolution.blog/2022/05/02/its-may/ I’m totally excited for you as you make some changes in your life for the better!!

Today, I’m going to declutter my storage room and get rid of things that does not serve me any purpose. I might as well have a “repurpose” yard sale. My things that doesn’t serve me a purpose can be for someone else’s purpose. Wow! I like that!! My mind is full of so much creativity that I have to make room to expand. But how can I expand in this tiny apartment? Trust and believe the mind can show you how you can expand when you think outside of the box.

So with that being said, I challenge you to declutter your life from whatever that doesn’t serve you a purpose. Let materialistic things serve a purpose for someone else. Watch how your life will bloom even more beautiful when you allow yourself to expand. As you welcome new things, events, and people into your life, make sure they are in alignment with your purpose. Have a phenomenal weekend! Love and light!


Move In a New Direction

Great Ra’sing Readers! How are you feeling? I feel GREAT! It feels good to come back rejuvenated from my week long vacation with my heartbeats. Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family! May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! We are thankful for life. It’s another day to smile, laugh, and so much more! ASE!

How was everyone’s spring break and/or week from last week? I hope it was relaxing and fun times with family, friends, and pets. During my spring break with my heartbeats I came down with a little cold. The weather is forever changing throwing my body on an emotional roller coaster. One day it’s 70 degrees then the next day it dropped to 30 degrees along with snow. I experienced all four seasons in one week which I’m pretty sure wreck havoc for many. Well that’s New York for me. Can anyone relate?

Today’s topic is about moving in a new direction. I was in deep meditation today where I was reminded by my ancestors to move in a new direction. Often times we may be afraid of change due to the unknown. It’s normal to feel skeptical, unsure, uneasy, etc., because we don’t know what we’re walking into. I come to share that change is good if we think with a positive mindset. Remember we are to see the good in everything if we want life to be good for ourselves and our family. Change come when we need to learn a lesson and/or to see what we need to change about ourselves for the better.

I encouraged you all to welcome change with open arms. Moving in a new direction can mean change jobs/careers, letting people/things that does not have your best interest at heart, anything that is not beneficial for you. Moving in a new direction is saying “greatness is arriving” and many cannot go where you’re going. You are elevating and many cannot have access to you or else your growth will be stagnant. What are you waiting for? If you keep getting so many signs and confirmations that you need to move in a new direction, YOU NEED TO DO IT!! You know the saying to go with the choice that scares you the most? And that’s because that choice will change you! It’s like you unlock a piece of you that has been locked for so long screaming to be free! You’ll be so relieved that you took on the challenge of facing the choice that scares you.

With that being said my lovely readers reflect on your life. See where you need to move in a new direction whether that be a job/career, relationships, home, friendships, etc. Above it all make each day count, because greatness is arriving!!!


Pushing Through Your Limitations

Great Afternoon Readers! How is your day going? I hope it’s going amazing and productive. Abundant the afternoon for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! ASE!

The other day I talked about addressing our self sabotaging behaviors. Today I would like to touch on pushing through our limitations. Often times we are told that the sky is the limit. I’ve never been too fond of the statement, because it feels like we’re limiting ourselves or letting something limit us. I always believed that we are our own limitations. If it’s anything we want to achieve, we can achieve it as long as we set our mind on it. Things don’t always come easy, but the journey we go through is well worth it.

When we set limitations it’s usually from our own fears or fears of people that were projected on us. Remember fear is “false evidence appearing real”. Ask yourself what are you afraid of and what do you think will happen. We really need to stop thinking the worse case scenario, because otherwise it will happen. Have you ever heard of “law of attraction”? Remember whatever you think, you put into the universe. Universe responds to energy. Check your energy throughout the day! It is a necessity, because the things we think can be willed into our lives. And we wondered why things are happening the way they are in our life.

Push through your limitations. So what if people quit on you, just make sure you don’t quit on yourself. Everyone can’t go with you on your journey of high self or elevation. Remember we arrived in this world alone and we’ll leave this world alone. When you push through your limitations you’ll see how much potentials you possessed and of course your amazing strength. Trust me you get a whole lot more goals accomplished. You’ll see a lot of your dreams come true!! You got this!! You’ll be so amazed and proud of yourself!!

With that being said push through your limitations! Beat the odds and become your own inspiration!! Always and I mean ALWAYS talk kindly to yourself. Have an amazing day!


Addressing Self Sabotaging Behaviors

Great Ra’sing Readers! How was your weekend? Did you spend time with family and friends? Did you take time to enjoy nature? I hope you all had a phenomenal weekend. My weekend was phenomenal. I enjoyed the beautiful weather. Lets abundant our rising for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Namaste! Speak with intentions that today is a great day!

Have you ever done things repeatedly only to arrive at the same results? Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a project, but automatically start doing something else? Lastly, did you ever questioned yourself why things are not getting done? Guess what? You’re not the only one going through this. Majority of us have self sabotaging behaviors whether we realize it or not.

With self sabotaging behaviors we produce the same results over and over. Often times we blame the source without addressing our behaviors. And that’s us not accepting accountability of the choices we make. If we expect to see and produce different results, we must take a hard look at our patterns. Once we acknowledge our patterns, we can start making changes by incorporating new habits. A new habit usually take 30-40 days to become accustomed to it depending on the person. You’ll know if the new habit is beneficial for you when you began to produce different results. You’ll see that you are accomplishing a whole lot more than you ever did.

Implementation of a new habit can be difficult at first. But once you get through the first two weeks which is known as boot camp, it gets easier. You have to learn how to hold yourself accountable, because people is not going to always be around to hold you accountable. That’s not their responsibility. When holding yourself accountable in the midst of a self sabotaging behavior, you have to do a lot of self talk. Talk yourself out of the behavior by encouraging yourself and chastising yourself in a gentle way. Always state the consequences during your self talk as a reminder of what happens if the presenting task is not follow through. Now there may be occasions where you may succumb to the behaviors, but don’t beat yourself up. You’re not a failure that’s if you don’t get back up and try again. We’re only human and we’re allowed to make mistakes. But don’t use that as an excuse to not use your will power.

When I catch myself in the midst of a self sabotaging behavior, I check myself real quick. I have to remind myself of the consequences. It’s a necessity for me to have structure in my life in order for my goals to be accomplished. Trust me I love a spontaneous life full of surprises not having a care. I like to live my life without any limitations. And that’s fine, but I must have some kind of structure to still accomplish my goals while having fun. It’s all about finding that balance. It took a lot of trials and errors for sure to arrive at my balance.

With that being said take a moment to acknowledge your self sabotaging behaviors. Make some changes if you want to see different results. Your future self will thank you. Have a beautiful day!