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Finally Free!

Happy Sunday Readers!! I figured I check in before the summer is over. Vacation with my children is almost coming to an end. I’ll be back to blogging full time. Trust me, I do miss blogging and interacting with my readers.

So tell me my readers, how is your summer going? Was you able to take a vacation as well? Are you enjoying the heat and the rain that brings the breeze? I hope your summer is fulfilling. Be sure to make each day count. Always be grateful for the present which is a gift to us to be thankful for life.

I’ve been teaching sign language at a local library for over a month. Tomorrow will be the final class which is game day. I’m truly excited about game day. I’m beyond proud of myself for teaching sign language. It’s a very important skill to have. It is honestly a life skill and I’m honored to teach it to a community that wants to learn.

For so many years I’ve been looking for my passion. I had so many ideas I wanted to fulfilled, but they weren’t my passion. What was the point of fulfilling something that isn’t your passion? I’ve fulfilled so much, but they didn’t fulfill me like I wanted it to. It didn’t motivate me to continue with the project after it was already completed. Don’t get me wrong it was rewarding and I loved seeing the change/difference it created in someone’s life for the better. But something was missing.

I knew I was supposed to go back to being a motivational speaker, but something was missing. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. Then just one day, my hearing was working my nerves. I was experiencing an inflammation in my right ear. The doctor couldn’t figure out what it was. It was nerving. I was tired of taking steroids to slow down the inflammation. I didn’t want to accept the fact I would be losing more of my hearing.

Oh no, I was in straight denial. I was clinging onto wanting to hear my old music, and many sounds that were like a lullaby to my ears. I didn’t bother to take the time out to ask what was my current situation trying to teach me. I was being stubborn and I didn’t want to be bothered with the hearing community because they wouldn’t understand.

After all the crying, I had to force myself to dig deep within. I had to ask myself what was my progressive hearing loss was trying to teach me. I learned it was because of my stubbornness due to so many rejections I’ve faced in this life. And it’s what caused me to be isolated. It made me understood why the deaf community choose to isolate themselves from the hearing community. Yes, they’re stubborn, because they don’t want to face anymore rejections. They’ve had enough. People don’t want to see us for us!

After much thought, I decided to teach sign language to the hearing community. I’m dedicated to bringing awareness about hearing loss and how to better communicate. I had to travel back to my root in which I knew sign language since I was 3 years old. As I sat with my memories as they make their way back to me subconsciously, my family didn’t sign with me. They didn’t take the time to learn sign language. And because of that, I share with my students about the importance of teaching their children sign language. Fostering communication at an early age have many benefits. It increases a child’s vocabularies which increases their reading level. Babies can communicate as early as five months old through sign language. Why wait until your child is 11 months old or older to say their first word. Be proactive in their communication skills. It’ll pay off in the long run.

I’ve now found my passion which is teaching sign language and speaking in sign language. Sometimes you have to go back to your root to find your passion. And sometimes a life and/or health situation have to transpire to get your attention. Now all those ideas I had, I can now incorporate it with sign language. I have sign language game night coming up at the WestSide Tilth Farm. Sign language yoga is in the works. Best part is I’ve been including the hearing community. It’s all about being inclusive which is acceptance all across the board. I’m glad people are reaching out to me to learn this important life skill.

So with that being said, if you’re in a rough spot, ask yourself what is the situation trying to teach you. Humble yourself and take some quiet time for yourself to allow the message to come to you. It may not come right away, but it will when you are ready to receive. Love and light. I’ll be writing again sooner than you know.



Happy Monday!! It’s a great day today!! Speak with intentions! Let your yes be your yes and your no be your no! Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family! May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! We express gratitude for today, which is another day to celebrate, smile, laugh, heal and so much more! Love and light!!!

How was your weekend readers? I hope it was phenomenal, refreshing, rejuvenating, reflecting, peaceful, and/or relaxing. My weekend was great outside of me missing my mother a great deal. Her birthday is this Thursday coming up. I’m going to think of what to do to celebrate her special day with my children. Next month in May will be five years since her ascension. I miss her beautiful smile and laughter.

You see today’s post is about perception. We may have many perceptions about many things. But my main focus is perception of ourselves. It goes hand in hand with knowing our truth. If you haven’t read the blog post, “Know Your Truth”, I encourage you to do so. Here’s the link to read it

How do you perceive yourself? Do you speak highly of yourself? Do you speak kindly to yourself? I hope you do, because your inner self is listening to you. What you say about yourself will manifest. This is why it’s very important to speak kindly to yourself so you can feel good about yourself. The more you love yourself and speak kindly to yourself, the more you radiate that beautiful glow from within. It’s a beautiful thing.

Another part of perception is do you trust yourself? That’s a big one!! You have to trust and believe in yourself to do whatever your heart desires. Remember the heart knows what the eyes cannot see! That’s deep! When you trust and believe in yourself, you open the door to indefinite possibilities of unlimited abundance. Do you know what that mean? That means the Universe shifts in your favor of the desires of your heart. All you need to do is believe and trust yourself to take that step out on faith. Once you do that, you change the dynamics of your life for GREATNESS!! I feel like dancing, because this is good stuff that I want y’all to have access to!

I feel it in my bones and soul that GREATNESS is arriving for me as I’m preparing myself for my motivational tour, “She’s Living Her Truth”! I’m beyond excited for I know I have the gifts of changing lives and helping people get back to finding themselves. I’m pretty sure y’all already know that from the countless intuitive blogs I write.

With that being said my readers, challenge yourself to change your perception of yourself for the better!! Speak GREATNESS!! You got this! I’m rooting for you! Have a phenomenal day!!


My Unexpected Ascension

Great Evening Readers! How’s your day thus far? Did you abundant your day? I hope you did. Let’s abundant our evening for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May we be more appreciative of life and what it has to offer us. Amen!

Yesterday I had a very unique experience. I tried to blog about yesterday, but I wasn’t done with my experience. I had a good day, but was running a few errands before heading home. I arrived home and retreated to the kitchen to cook dinner. I’m listening to my music while cooking.

Then I became dizzy. From there I knew my blood pressure was low. From time to time I have my dizzy spells or experiencing extreme fatigue. When I’m feeling like that it’s either because my blood pressure is low or my iron is low. I am anemic and sometimes it goes into remission if I’m eating enough food with iron in it. Anyhow I hurried up to the nearest chair to keep myself from falling to the floor. All I need is to get ahold of some ice or frozen fruit that will have me alert. It works every time. And from there I would take an iron pill with orange juice.

I sat in the chair mustering up enough strength and courage to walk to the freezer to get what I need. I walked then boom! I had fell. I don’t know how long I laid unconsciously, but I heard myself telling myself to get up and be strong. When I finally got myself onto a chair, I automatically started eating frozen fruit so I could become alert. It wasn’t working. Here I was pacing myself in my mind to pull through. I kept telling myself I have to make my children’s plate. The food was done.

I got up once more to finish making my children’s plate of food. Boom! I fell onto the floor once again. I stared at the light and ceiling wondering if this was my ascension. I felt myself urinating while laying on the floor. I yelled to the heavens in my mind begging my ancestors I was not ready to ascend. I wanted more time with my children. There were a lot of word exchanges.

I became alert and got up real quick. I changed out my clothes, cleaned up the mess. Boom! I fell again. I woke up to my daughter tugging at me to wake up. I asked what happened and where was I. She said “Mommy you fell in the bathroom!” I looked around while laying on the floor and told her I was okay, just needed to have enough strength to get up. After encouraging myself to get back up, I finished making the kids plate and went straight to bed.

As I laid and rested, I was reminded that I was distracted. I needed to focus. It was true I was distracted. I was just missing my mother. Her birthday in three weeks and next month will mark 5 yrs since she ascended. I shouldn’t be sad instead I should think about the good times I had with her. I should be focus on continuing making her proud.

My whole experience was a wake up call for me letting me know I have unfinished business to handle. My time was not up at all, there’s too much to do. I wouldn’t want my children to be motherless. I have to do better with my health although I’m detoxing. I have to keep in mind the body needs more nutrients and minerals when it goes through a detoxification. I’m grateful for life to be here to be given another opportunity to share my wisdom and to make a difference in someone’s life.

Sometimes we may be hit with a near death experience to give us a wake up call to get back on track. Paid attention to the signs and remember health is wealth! I challenge you all to think about your near death experience and what you’ve learned from it. Did you make a promise while you were in the moment of that situation? If so reflect on that promise. Are you doing what you promised? If not how come? If so, are you really committed to it? Have a phenomenal evening!


What Is Your Life Assignment?

Great Ra’sing! It’s a beautiful day to wake up to. It’s another day to accept the gift of life. We sure do have a lot to be grateful for. May we abundant our rising for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Amen!

Everyday that we wake up, we are given another day to touch someone’s life, make a difference, as well as to make it right. Yesterday I took a break from blogging to run a few errands. Those errands turned out to be life changing and I felt a shift. I didn’t realize yesterday was the New Moon in Pisces which definitely explained all the shifts that transpired.

The shifts made me feel at peace with my assignment as I do my time on Mother Earth. My imagination was in overdrive as I helped and uplifted my younger sister with her clothing business. She needed someone to confide in especially after the passing of our mother five years ago. A year after our mother’s ascension, I relocated to another state. I was there for three years until I relocated back home four months ago. She was alone and told me she needed me. From there I knew I had to help her.

With me being the oldest of my mother’s seven children, I always made sure all my siblings knew each other. I kept us close for over 20 years despite us being separated and raised in different households. Trust me it was hard to keep all of us in touch. After the ascension of our mother, I let go of the torch to still keep us together. I was tired and they wasn’t putting in much effort to communicate with each other. When I had relocated to another state, they were hurt. They told me I should’ve discussed with them about I leaving. I laughed, because I’m like I’m a grown woman. I don’t need their permission to relocate. But little did I know they were afraid. They are so used to me supporting and encouraging them. I was their second mother and they made it clear that I was. From that moment on, I once again picked up the torch to keep us together under one condition. They all must put in the effort to remain in touch with each other. That’s all I ask of them nothing more, nothing less.

I share all this to say that we must pay attention to the signs. Sometimes a person silence can tell you a lot just by their energy. And this may prompt you to see if they’re okay. Take a moment to reflect on your life and what you’ve been doing. What is your assignment/purpose on Mother Earth? Your passion is what leads you to your purpose.

Many think they have to research and figure out their passion. That is not necessarily the case. Your passion can be something you love to do. And whatever you love to do will lead you to your purpose to help the next person in need. Passion is something you feel so strongly about. It’s a burning desire in your heart to use it to help others because it helped you. Whether we realize it or not, every direction we take in life all leads to helping the next person no matter the profession.

Take time to understand your assignment. From there you’ll feel a great sense of peace overcome you. And that’s when you are actually living. Life is more meaningful. Have a phenomenal Thursday!

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New Beginnings

Happy Tuesday! Let’s set our intentions for today. We abundant our rising for ourselves and our family. May our works be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Today is a great day! How do you feel? I feel good. I look forward to seeing the sun again. Yesterday’s weather was so beautiful and warm. The sun was shining forever so beautifully while melting the snow. I look forward to spring. Spring means new beginnings.

I look forward to seeing butterflies and colorful flowers. This is the time to start planting seeds of different fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, squash, tomatoes. Gardening is very rewarding and therapeutic. While gardening you’re connecting with Mother Earth. Take comfort in feeling the soil of the ground with your feet and hands. Mother Earth is the provider and gives us whatever we need for our body. Let’s have some fun with nature! Whether that’s hiking, riding a bike, roller skating, skate boarding, etc. do it!

What is your new beginnings? Or do you have an idea of what it is? We don’t necessarily have to wait until spring to figure out or plan our new beginnings. You can set intentions now for your beginnings. Once you do, coexist with it as if it’s already happening. I set my intentions on going on a book tour to conduct motivational speaking engagements. I’ve always done speaking engagements, but been out the spotlight for some time. It’s time for me to speak again and reach out to those whose life will be changed.

Take time to reflect about how you want your new beginnings. What do you want to see change? What do you hope to accomplish? Remember you can achieve anything you set your mind on, but you must put in the work to get there. As the book of James in the bible said, “faith without work is dead.” Have an amazing day!

Goddess Kamil with a K

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Taking Back Your Power

Great Ra’sing Readers! How was your weekend? Hopefully it was productive. Let’s abundant our rising to have an amazing day. May the work we do be an answer to our prayers. Express your gratitude to your higher power for the things you have in your life. I thank you for following and reading my blogs. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Everyday we are faced with challenges whether they are easy or difficult. The most challenging thing a person can go through is picking up the pieces of the puzzle after experiencing a tragedy. Such tragedies are; loss of employment, divorce, car accident, death of a child, parent, close friend, family members, etc. And most tragedies are traumatizing. It’s as if one’s life has come to a halt. One wonders how can they move on in life as if everything is okay.

One may become depressed, unable to live life abundantly. For them life has become a battlefield within themselves to either overcome or succumb to the pain. Society have this belief to prescribe medication to numb the pain instead of encouraging to feel and acknowledge the pain.

To acknowledge the pain, one must be determined to take back their power to live one day at a time. First acknowledge the pain. Then breathe as many times as you need until you are okay. That’s a huge step to accomplish. I’m proud of you. I know it wasn’t easy, but at least you got the hard part out the way. Keep going you can break through this! How did it make you feel? It’s totally normal to feel different emotions, some you may have not recognize. What matters is you’re expressing how it made you feel. Now the key is to reciprocate it. How? Let me explain. Let’s say you’re angry and you feel like hitting something. Get a pillow or a punching bag and give it your all. Release your anger. It’s something constructive, safe, therapeutic, and no one’s getting hurt. It feels good to let it out in a way you want to let it out. You are on the way to healing! Keep going!

Take time to acknowledge how it affected your life. Now are there any lessons derived from the pain? This part may call for introspection of your interaction with whoever or even yourself. You may have to break some habits to create healthy ones. Breaking old habits can be difficult. But you can do it by removing yourself from places, people, and things that will cause you to relapse. And it’s okay if you relapsed, because from there you’ll recognize your triggers. It may take a few times of falling before you gain the strength you need to kick the old habit to the curb. All that matters is you getting back up to conquer the day.

You gain your strength and power to live each day you get through. Continue to be in the moment using your five senses. Pray, meditate, go for a walk/swim and exercise to help you stay the course. Now there will be times you just want to stay in bed and not do anything. And that’s okay. It’s apart of self care. You may need to rest. Take all the time you need whether that be 30 minutes, an hour, or more. Only you know what you need.

Until next time my readers, take steps to take back your power. They say turn pain into passion. It’s easier said than done when one hasn’t got through the pain.

Goddess Kamil with a K


Changing The Narrative

Great Ra’sing! It feels good to be given another opportunity to live and have a great day! It feels good knowing today will be a day of smiles and laughs which is the best medicine! You have to really believe and feel the goods!

What you think and feel determines your day unless someone comes along and alter your day for good or bad. Only you can determine if a person’s action will cause a reaction from you. Will their actions affect your mood? I hope not. Maybe you can either ignore it or inquire if something is bothering them. Easier said than done right? I know. I used to mind my own business and ignore outbursts. It’s a way to keep myself from having any conflicts, but most importantly to allow one to have their space to get through the present moment.

I soon realized people be needing someone to talk to, but doesn’t know who they can confide in. Either that or maybe they are embarrassed to talk about and rather vent in a way to deal with their issues. Hopefully it’s being dealt with in a constructive way. It doesn’t hurt to reassure them that everything will be okay even though we may not know. The goal is to pass on hope and faith during any difficult situation.

It’s imperative for us to set alone time for ourselves before we start the day. That alone time sets the foundation of the day. Often we’re so busy in the morning getting ready for work, school, etc. that we forget about ourselves. All you need is five minutes in the morning to yourself giving gratitude and telling yourself it will be a great day. Set your intentions of feeling great and knowing it will be a great day. Let’s change the narrative of our risings/mornings.

Until next time my readers, I challenge you to spend five minutes of your time with yourself. You’ll gradually extend the time once you realize the importance of alone time with self. It’s a great day full of smiles and laughs!

Keep smiling and laughing,

Goddess Kamil with a K


Soul Tribe

Great Ra’sing!! Let’s speak with intentions over our life beginning right this moment. Abundant the rising for us and ours! Thank you Universe for watching over us and keeping us safe as we rest at night. May our work and/or school be our prayer for good for us and ours! Thank you! Awesome! How do you feel my loyal readers? I feel great knowing I’m given another opportunity to share my dose of wisdom! Was you able to catch the sunrise? If not, here’s a beautiful picture of the sunrise.

Today’s blog title was originally supposed to be called “friendship”. I wanted to take a step further by replacing friendship with the word “soul tribe”. Soul tribe consist of friends whom you called your “sister and brother”. It is a privilege to be given the prestigious title beyond being just a friend. When people come into our lives, we must determine what is their role in our lives. And this goes for family too. There are different levels people go through. It goes like this; associate, friend, family. They start off as an associate then they become a friend. If they are lucky, they may be promoted to family level aka soul tribe. Soul tribe is the highest level and it’s not easy to achieve in someone’s life.

I’ve had 20-30 year friendships that didn’t make it to my soul tribe level. And the same goes for family. Some people come into your life to be either an investment or a bill. Only you can determine what is their role in your life. A lot of people who’ve came in my life were a bill meaning that they always took from me without adding a deposit (good energy, encouragement, insight, feedback, etc.) And that was because I was suffering from abandonment issues tolerating them being a bill while I was making deposits in their life. After I had addressed the abandonment issue, I took the initiative to let them go so I could make room for the people who were an investment in my life. Investments comes in the form of good energy, encouragements, sharing of wisdom, pushing you to be great and so much more! I rather have an investment to add to my life than a bill. It’s our responsibility to figure out their purpose in our lives. Are they an investment or are they a bill? Ask yourself why you’re making deposits in someone’s life while they are a bill in your life. Whatever it is acknowledge it and work through it so you can let those kind of people go. Take the time to do an inventory of your circle.

You don’t necessarily have to talk to your soul tribe every day. It could be days, weeks, or months that y’all haven’t talked. Everyone is busy in their own lives. But once y’all link up, it’s as if y’all never missed a beat. The relationship y’all have is amazing nothing like the relationship you have with an associate. When you have a soul tribe, it makes life worth living and it add years to your life. Having a soul tribe is good for your well being especially your mental health.

Until next time my readers, I challenge you to do an inventory of your circle. Who are making deposits in your life as you’re making deposits in their life? Don’t forget to express your gratitude for those who are in your life. Also express gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned from the people who’ve exited your life. Life is about evolving, growing, healing, and giving back to the community. May you have a productive weekend. Talk with you on Monday.

Abundance, prosperity, and good health,

Goddess Kamil with a K



Great Ra’sing my beautiful readers! How are each of you feeling? It feels good to wake up to another chance at life. A chance to do whatever it is that you needed to take care of and wanted to do. Often we forget to be grateful for life. There is a constant need to remind ourselves to not take life for granted. Enjoy all the beauty of life and what it have to offer.

Yesterday I was reading a few passages in the Simply Abundance book by Sarah Breathmach. Each passage reminded me of I needed to be grateful for what I have now. I really had to do a double take on my mindset. I was so consumed with all that was going wrong in my life. I complained about I starting over in life. I was angry and hurt. My thought process was toxic and I was pouring this kind of energy out into the universe without realizing I was attracting more negativity.

I told myself I needed to get back to being grateful for the things I have now. I could’ve been in a worse situation than I am now. I’ve learned that I cannot entertain certain conversations with people because they tend to keep the negativity going instead of speaking life and/or giving an insight of how the situation should be looked at for the betterment. This is when you really have to have a conversation with “Me, Myself, and I”. Nonetheless, I began to state all the things I’m grateful for. It does something to your brain and body. You’re feeling relaxed and appreciative. I began to feel good once again. It was a familiar feeling that I haven’t felt in so long. I truly missed it.

I was truly thankful for the Universe to wake my children and I up this grand rising to meditate. It was a huge accomplishment for me. It’s the little thing that matters. Each day I challenge you to name five things you’re grateful for. You’ll see how your whole mindset will transform for the better. Until next time readers take on the challenge of being grateful!

ASE! NTR Kamil with a K!