Great Early Ra’sing! How are each of you? I hope your summer was fun, relaxing, and everything you desired it to be. Let’s abundant the rising for ourselves and our family. May our work be our prayer for good intentions for ourselves and our family. May we continue to express gratitude for life, its another day to laugh, live, and do the things we wanted to do. So mote it be! Ase!

Here we are about to experience autumn 🍂 weather. I look forward to the leaves changing colors hence the post title “transformation”. Autumn brings on spiced cider, apple cinnamon aroma, pumpkin spice, and so much more. 😋 I’m excited. Are you excited? I hope so.

Tell me what do you think of transformation. Transformation can mean many things. It is more related to change for the better. You leave behind the old to embrace the new. The four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) is a perfect example of transformation. Sometimes we don’t realize we went through a transformation whereas we do recognize it.

I come to share with you that transformation is normal and apart of life. Think of the journey of the caterpillar to a butterfly. Beautiful transformation right? We as humans are always transforming. And we have our reasons for doing so. Don’t feel guilty for changing for the better especially when people tried to belittle you. Remember what they do and say to you has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them and whatever they’re struggling with. So don’t take things personally nor make any assumptions.

During my transformation over the summer, I noticed I don’t have any tolerance for people who trauma bond. Why? Because I’m not in that same mental space anymore. In other words I no longer have conversations about what’s going wrong in my life nor I talk about the past. When you complain about life and/or talking about the past, you are replaying the events over for it to happen again in your life. The only time you should bring up the past is to share what it has taught you.

I don’t allow anyone to tell me I’m resilient because of the struggles I went through in life. Suffering/struggling are not normal yet the society as a whole accepted it as normal. That’s a topic for another day. Anyhow you really see things for what it is. This blog platform needs a new name. Why, because I’m no longer in that mental space to address growing pains. Right now I’m just thriving in my element which is teaching sign language to the community. It’s what I love to do and it’s my passion.

With all that being said ask yourself do you need to undergo a surgery of transformation. Do you need to let go of the fear and embrace your true self? It is true when you go through the transformation you will no longer tolerate things and conversations you once did. You’ll look at things from a different angle in other words see things for what it is. Be overall be proud of yourself for taking the initiative to better YOU! Until next time readers continue to be YOU and never settle yourself for anyone. And don’t let anyone pressure you or make you feel guilty for doing what’s best for you. Have a phenomenal day! Love and light ✨️ Goddess Kamil with a K

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Finally Free!

Happy Sunday Readers!! I figured I check in before the summer is over. Vacation with my children is almost coming to an end. I’ll be back to blogging full time. Trust me, I do miss blogging and interacting with my readers.

So tell me my readers, how is your summer going? Was you able to take a vacation as well? Are you enjoying the heat and the rain that brings the breeze? I hope your summer is fulfilling. Be sure to make each day count. Always be grateful for the present which is a gift to us to be thankful for life.

I’ve been teaching sign language at a local library for over a month. Tomorrow will be the final class which is game day. I’m truly excited about game day. I’m beyond proud of myself for teaching sign language. It’s a very important skill to have. It is honestly a life skill and I’m honored to teach it to a community that wants to learn.

For so many years I’ve been looking for my passion. I had so many ideas I wanted to fulfilled, but they weren’t my passion. What was the point of fulfilling something that isn’t your passion? I’ve fulfilled so much, but they didn’t fulfill me like I wanted it to. It didn’t motivate me to continue with the project after it was already completed. Don’t get me wrong it was rewarding and I loved seeing the change/difference it created in someone’s life for the better. But something was missing.

I knew I was supposed to go back to being a motivational speaker, but something was missing. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. Then just one day, my hearing was working my nerves. I was experiencing an inflammation in my right ear. The doctor couldn’t figure out what it was. It was nerving. I was tired of taking steroids to slow down the inflammation. I didn’t want to accept the fact I would be losing more of my hearing.

Oh no, I was in straight denial. I was clinging onto wanting to hear my old music, and many sounds that were like a lullaby to my ears. I didn’t bother to take the time out to ask what was my current situation trying to teach me. I was being stubborn and I didn’t want to be bothered with the hearing community because they wouldn’t understand.

After all the crying, I had to force myself to dig deep within. I had to ask myself what was my progressive hearing loss was trying to teach me. I learned it was because of my stubbornness due to so many rejections I’ve faced in this life. And it’s what caused me to be isolated. It made me understood why the deaf community choose to isolate themselves from the hearing community. Yes, they’re stubborn, because they don’t want to face anymore rejections. They’ve had enough. People don’t want to see us for us!

After much thought, I decided to teach sign language to the hearing community. I’m dedicated to bringing awareness about hearing loss and how to better communicate. I had to travel back to my root in which I knew sign language since I was 3 years old. As I sat with my memories as they make their way back to me subconsciously, my family didn’t sign with me. They didn’t take the time to learn sign language. And because of that, I share with my students about the importance of teaching their children sign language. Fostering communication at an early age have many benefits. It increases a child’s vocabularies which increases their reading level. Babies can communicate as early as five months old through sign language. Why wait until your child is 11 months old or older to say their first word. Be proactive in their communication skills. It’ll pay off in the long run.

I’ve now found my passion which is teaching sign language and speaking in sign language. Sometimes you have to go back to your root to find your passion. And sometimes a life and/or health situation have to transpire to get your attention. Now all those ideas I had, I can now incorporate it with sign language. I have sign language game night coming up at the WestSide Tilth Farm. Sign language yoga is in the works. Best part is I’ve been including the hearing community. It’s all about being inclusive which is acceptance all across the board. I’m glad people are reaching out to me to learn this important life skill.

So with that being said, if you’re in a rough spot, ask yourself what is the situation trying to teach you. Humble yourself and take some quiet time for yourself to allow the message to come to you. It may not come right away, but it will when you are ready to receive. Love and light. I’ll be writing again sooner than you know.


Let Your Body Heal!

Great Monday Readers! Today is a great day to be and feel great! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope it was amazing. It’s prom and graduation season. I feel like it’s the best time of the year to acknowledge the hard work and accomplishments in front of many.

Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May we continue to express gratitude for our life and all it have to offer. It’s another day to laugh, smile, heal, celebrate, etc. ASE!

Did you know that the body has the ability to heal itself if in the right environment? Meaning that you feed your body healthy food, exercise, intermittent fasting, etc. The body is capable of doing wonder without the need for any medication. Medication prolongs the body’s healing process to get rid of whatever that doesn’t belong in the body.

We’re always told that we have to eat something when we’re not feeling well. And we would force ourselves to eat and we’re not hungry. That’s unhealthy. While we’re sick, we need to let the body do it’s job in healing itself. During our illness it’s a time for fasting. Listen to your body. It’ll let you know when you should consume nutrients.

Obesity is a major issue in several countries. People has become so consumed with the need to eat three times a day with snacks in between. Many eat to just be eating without any hunger. Many overeat due to depression amongst other reasons. Why overload your body? It’s important to address the reasons behind overeating. Overeating is a mindset that is possible to eliminate.

Also you can experience ailments within your body. Sometimes ailments are caused by some things we’re struggling with internally. It’s not healthy to keep things inside of you especially if it’s eating you alive. It’s reason why stress is labeled as the silent killer. Keep your body in a positive state so it can heal effectively.

Health is wealth! Keep yourself healthy and your body will reward you immensely. It’s a great feeling not to rely on medications. But there are medications that helps assist the body to heal, but it shouldn’t be continuous. There are plenty of herbs that have the same effects as medication but more powerful and effective. Research different herbs such as rosemary, basil, bay leaves, etc.

I truly thank you readers for the support. This is a busy time of the year with my children. I’ll be taking a break from blogging beginning tomorrow until early September when my children returns to school. However, I’ll check in to do a blog post when I have a message to share. Lastly, it’s six months left of 2022. Focus on yourself and accomplish your goals. Have a phenomenal summer. Love and light!


Inner Child

Great Ra’sing Readers! May we abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. We express deep heartfelt gratitude for life. It’s another day to be here, to smile, laugh, and do whatever our heart desires. So mote it be!

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday! If you didn’t don’t say you had a bad day. Instead say you had a “character building” day. Those tough days are challenges to help you build your character. You’ll know what to do effectively when you’re faced with the challenge again. Change the narrative of how you look at life. Remember anything you speak of will be willed into the Universe. Be very mindful of the things you say.

A few days ago while driving I was telling myself I need to get a new hearing aid. The one I currently have was working my last nerves going in and out. I said I needed to stop being so cute and concerned with people’s thought of my hearing challenge. It was the only reason why I got the hearing aid three years ago. Now fast forward three years, it’s not the hearing aid for me.

Anyhow I told myself I needed to make an appointment with my audiologist. Good thing when I came home, I had a missed called from them. I returned the call and was reminded I had an appointment the next day which I completely forgot about. I’m like why is this not in my planner. Umm that’s interesting, but I’m glad they reminded me.

So the next day which was yesterday, I was so excited to go to my appointment. I was literally being a big kid at heart. I have a very good and supportive rapport with my audiologist I’ve known for over 10 years. We’re discussing my options such as a cochlear implant, new hearing aid, and a new mold. I wanted a new hearing aid, but she suggested to go with the new mold which will add more power to my hearing aid. So I’m like okay, let’s try this.

She gets this pink and white clay mixture. While she’s mixing it, it brought so many childhood memories of how I loved to play with the mixture. She gave me some in my hands to play with. It was so relaxing. I told her I’m being a big kid right now. She laughed as she put the mixture in my ear to get a definite shape of my canal. The mixture stays there for about 5-10 minutes until it’s a steady hold before being taken out. The mold will be sent to the manufacturer and I come back in two weeks to pick it up. I’m truly excited!

As my audiologist and I were talking, I inquired about speech therapy. She wasn’t sure if it would be covered by my insurance, but wanted to know why I asked. Although I don’t need speech therapy, I told her I missed it from when I used to take it during my childhood. From that moment on I knew this appointment wasn’t about me, it was about my inner child. So I let my inner child lead the way. Speech therapy is covered under my insurance and I have my first session in two weeks. Now I’m extra excited and really being in tune with my inner child.

I share all this to say that you need to trust your inner child. If you find yourself reminiscing about your childhood and acting on it, chances are it’s your inner child leading you. You may find yourself playing with children, toys, coloring, at the park swinging or going down the slide, etc. Take time to nourish and spend time with your inner child. It makes life better. Dance and play those little kid music. I listen to them all the time in my car even when my kids are not in my car. Sometimes we just need to take a break from adulting.

Challenge yourself to spend time with your inner child. Step outside of the norm and embrace yourself my friends! Have a great day!

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Love Is My Language

Great Afternoon my Readers! How was your Monday? How’s your midday (Tuesday) going so far? Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. ASE!

My Monday (yesterday) was very reflective in other words I did some retrospection. I used to question myself how is I’m still speaking healing and life into people who had hurt me. I just couldn’t understand for the life of me how I can still care about someone and wanted to help uplift them to be better. See I don’t hold any hate, because it’s not my language. Love is my language. You know the saying, “to overcome or overshadow hate is with love”. Love overrides all the hurt, pain, and stands the test of time. Love is forgiveness, but it don’t necessarily mean you should bring a person back into your life. It just means you forgive, but never forget how it made you feel. Love is loving yourself to not go back to that hurt and pain. Love was learning the lesson of the journey to arrive where you’re at now and towards where you’ll be going.

Everyday I tell myself; “I am love. I am the loved and the lover. My love endures beginning within me. Love is my inner pendulum. It keeps me centered and balanced. As a love-bearing and centered person, I create happiness and joy in my life!” So obviously I’m getting what I’ve been putting into the Universe. I radiate love and I’m full of love. I can’t deny it from within myself. I can’t stop being love. As I’ve said before love is my language.

With that being said my Readers, I challenge each of you to think about how you want your legacy to be remembered. Think about your strongest qualities/characteristics that defines you. Love defines me and that’s all that matters to me. Because my love is my legacy that have touched many souls whether intentionally and unintentionally. This is why when we abundant our day and say “May our works and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and others”, we really speak abundantly. Have an amazing day!

Abundance, prosperity, good health and happiness!


Forgive Yourself

Happy Wednesday! It’s another day to embrace our gift of life. It’s another day to do what we didn’t get a chance to do yesterday. May we abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! Amen!

Have you taken time alone to be in your own company? If so, what is it like? Are you chastising yourself or are you speaking kindly to yourself or maybe both? As for me it was both, but I’m more into complimenting and speaking kindly to myself. I feel more ambitious when I compliment myself. Trust me there were some difficult days that I really had to push myself through. It’s a matter of finding balance in resting between my projects so I don’t become overwhelmed.

Back to sitting in our own company with me, myself, and I. It’s imperative to have conversations with yourself. It’s kinda like talking to yourself. It’s totally normal to hear yourself talk to make sense of things that you sometimes don’t understand. If it don’t make sense in my mind, then I would say it out loud to myself for clarity. Often times I may dwell on it as I search for an intuitive understanding.

Be very careful with how you label and speak to yourself. When we say “my dumb or stupid self this and that”, we are unintentionally defining ourselves for how people to classify us. We are not dumb nor stupid. Forgive yourself for all the negative names you’ve called yourself. Replace them with encouraging words such as amazing, strong, inspiring, etc.

Do some retrospection of how you treated yourself. Write it down in your journal or any kind of notebook. For each hurtful and negative things you’ve done to yourself acknowledge it, forgive yourself, and replace it with something positive. Make a pact with yourself to not ever hurt yourself nor tolerate anyone/anything to hurt you. You are enough and you are amazing! Never forget how unique you are. We’re not created in this world to be alike. The bible said we are “beautifully and wonderfully made”. Each of us have our own identity which is tailored specifically for us no matter how much we tried to be like someone else. Eventually we’ll step outside of the shell to be our authentic self.

I leave this message with you all to take time with yourself. Take time to forgive yourself. Take time to love, respect, and encourage yourself. Take the time to heal and be your authentic self! Abundance, prosperity, happiness, and good health!


My Heartbeats

Happy Sunday my readers! How is your weekend going? I hope it’s going lovely. Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family! May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May we express our gratitude for this day and the things we have.

I normally don’t blog on the weekends due to I rejuvenating for the week. But today I decided to blog, because I have amazing news to share with you all.

I have four children whose ages are; 19, 15, 14, and 5 years young. You noticed I used the word “young” instead of “old”. It’s because we’re always “young” at heart. My heartbeats (children) means the world to me. They’ve been through a lot after experiencing so much death within our family and dealing with transitions. They are my main reason why I went on my healing journey to break all of my family generational trauma/curses. They deserve a healing and healthy mother who is understanding.

My relationship with my children was a rocky one in the beginning when I was married. I was so busy pleasing and trying to make my marriage work that I didn’t realize my children’s emotional needs were neglected. There were many behaviors and tantrums from them as a way to get my attention. Then things started to take a turn for the worse so I thought at the time. My oldest moved out, didn’t want to have nothing to do with me or his siblings. My second oldest was placed in a boarding school. As a former foster youth, I dislike the separation. I don’t like for my children to spread out. It reminded me of how my siblings and I were spread out in foster care. I felt like I was repeating a generational curse. The heartache was taking a toll on me. I told myself I needed to make this right. I had to choose between my children or stay in a marriage where I was neglected. I left my marriage and focused on my children’s emotional needs.

I had to be very transparent with my children and allow them to express themselves without I feeling offended. Growing up in within my biological family and foster care, I wasn’t taught to express myself to an authority/ caretaker without them being offended. As a mother, I had to make my children feel comfortable with me. We had a lot of dialogue ending with me breaking old habits.

I’m more affectionate with my children. I say “I love you” throughout the day in addition to giving them hugs. My oldest is back around and it’s been amazing how we converse so much. My second oldest is still in boarding school, but he’s doing so much better. Our weekly family therapy sessions has been a tremendous help for us. Today I have my three heartbeats and we are going to pick up my fourth heartbeat from boarding school. We’re going out to eat and have quality time together. It’s feels so good to be able to get all my heartbeats together. It’s the same feeling when I had all seven of my siblings together. I wanted to write this blog to all let you know how excited and happy I am.

For those of you who have not talked to anyone such as your siblings, family, etc. give it time. Take time to reflect on y’all relationship and think about what needs to change within the relationship and yourself. Sometimes separation is needed for growth and to see things for what it is. I don’t regret the separation from my two oldest boys. There were things that had to take it’s course for us to arrive at this point of our lives. What’s most important is that my boys respect me as their mother and they are protective of their two younger sisters. I need for my heartbeats to be close with one another always should anything happen to me. Well let me get myself ready to enjoy the day with all my heartbeats! I’ve been waiting for this day like forever! The Universe has been really good to me as I continue to abundant throughout the day and expressing my heartfelt gratitude. May you have an amazing Sunday my Readers!



Happy Friday! It’ll be the weekend for some while others have to work. All that matter is we are given a beautiful gift of life. To wake up today is a gift of beauty. Let’s abundant our rising for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! Namaste!

What do you do when you come across your trigger points? Do you acknowledge it, react, run from it or what? How you deal with your triggers is an insight into where you are in your life. You could be resistant to it, dealing with it, or ignoring it. It’s imperative that we learn to deal with our triggers in a constructive way in order for us to get further in life.

We don’t get further in life if we’re always reactive of triggers whether it be words, sounds, events. If triggers are causing you to have anxiety or panic attacks, I recommend that you seek a Cognitive Behavior Therapist or a Therapist who specializes in CBT (cognitive behavior therapy). The Therapist will work with you on recognizing different things that triggers you. They may ask you to keep a journal to document whenever you are reactive to something that triggered you.

When a pattern is recognized, the Therapist will then help assist you in figuring out where the triggers are stemming from. This may consist of digging deep into your childhood memories or any other memories. Once you recognize where it stemmed from, take time to process it, and ask yourself how did it have so much affect on you. From there look for solutions to help you deal with your triggers in a constructive way while healing. Trust me it’ll get better as you keep working through it. Life will be more manageable and easier to breathe. Trust the process. Journal your journey so you can see your progress and how far along you came from.

With that being said, journey well and be at peace. Have an amazing weekend.



Happy Friday!!! May we abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and good intentions be our prayer of good for ourselves and our family. Namaste! How are you feeling on this Friday? Do you have any plans this weekend? I feel great! My plans for the weekend consist of working on my projects and self care.

This morning while I was exercising I thought about expectations of people and myself. Little did I know I would think of this topic today when I had worked on the topic last night in one of my projects. The project I’m working on is a transformation workbook to help kickstart one on their journey to healing. In the workbook, I talked about our parents. I elaborated how we as their children need to let go of our expectations of how our parents should be. No parent is perfect, because they are human just like us. Life does not come with a parenting manual on how to raise children. We have to understand and accept that our parents did the best they could to raise us. We never know what battles they had to fight behind closed doors everyday.

As I talked about the topic of our parents, I realized last night how powerful it was. I’m really excited about my project. I’m truly grateful to have my master degree in social work, life coach certification, unlimited skills and life lessons to be able to take on this amazing project. It lets me know that all I’ve endured did not go in vain. It was a purpose.

I will share that throughout my journey in life I had high expectations of people. I expected people to love and cater to me in a way I needed to be. I expected people to be my everything, because I felt I was lacking a loving family, happiness, abundance, and so much more. It was only because I was dealing with abandonment issues while in foster care. I was envious of my biological cousins who were still living with their mother. I was envious of friends who were raised in a two parent family household. I was envious of those who had a successful marriage and so forth.

And here I was meeting everyone’s expectations and went beyond, yet they couldn’t meet my expectations. Nor they made me feel appreciated. I experienced a lot of disappointments, because I gave my all lacking nothing. What really opened my eyes was when my ex-husband of 10 years told me that he still loved me, but he was in love with another woman he had known for four months. We’ve only been apart for a year. I walked away from it all, because he didn’t want to heal and break his family generational curses. I couldn’t stay in the marriage, because I was healing and breaking all my family generational curses for the sake of me and my children. My children deserves a healed and strong version of a mother so they won’t have to break any curses in their adulthood. It wasn’t easy to walk away, because I still loved him.

Everything he expected of me as a devoted wife, he didn’t expect of her. I was more of a mother to him than I was his wife because of his own abandonment issues. I was his emotional trauma center. Wow! From there my healing was turned up a notch for the better. I don’t hold high expectations of anyone except myself. And I will NOT meet people’s expectations for their own personal gain. Although I am a healer and a Life Coach, I have to maintain my healthy boundaries to protect myself. I noticed I tend to carry people through their pain without them learning the lesson behind it. My heart is huge, but I realized I am not Superwoman to take on everyone’s problems.

So with that being said my lovely readers, don’t hold high expectations of people. You’ll save yourself a lot of disappointments. And remember people are human and they are allowed to make mistakes. Also don’t let people hold you accountable to their expectations of you, because they couldn’t do it themselves. Don’t let their fear of success, achievements, healing and so forth be projected on you! Wow that’s deep!! It hits different for me, because throughout my life I let people projected their fears on me. And I would meet their expectations for the sake of giving them pleasure while I was suffering. Babe that won’t happen again! This is my year to go for everything I denied myself of!! Yesssss!! Have a productive weekend my loves! Thank you again for supporting me during this journey as I pick up the pieces of the puzzle in my life. You all are witnessing an amazing transformation. Please share with someone who would benefit from these blogs. After all who doesn’t want to heal for the better to live life abundantly and freely?

Check me out on the Growing Pains For Evolution podcast. It’s on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcast, and Apple Podcast. Here’s the link https://anchor.fm/kamil-gerald. The podcast is currently in season 2.

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Reforming the meaning of Pain

Great Ra’sing!! How are you feeling? Hopefully great! Let’s abundant our rising with great intentions for ourselves and our family. May our work and pure intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Much gratitude for life and all the things we have.

Today’s blog post is a difficult one. I had to share my revelation of pain that I had experienced yesterday. I cried my eyes out, but soon felt better when a vision of I speaking among thousands of people crossed my mind. I was a motivational speaker touching lives. From there I was directed to the purpose of my pain. It led me to my passion which is to speak life!

No one wants to deal with emotional pain. But how would we know our strengths and potentials? Pain show up in our lives for a variety of reasons. How we look at and/or receive pain determines how we will move forward in life. Often times pain is teaching us a lesson.

I had this built up pain for years. I thought I overcame it all, but I realized I wasn’t fully healed from the hurt. I gave my all to my biological families, foster family of 10yrs, my siblings, friendships, employment, marriages and the in laws. They had my loyalty. But they couldn’t replenish me with the same loyalty. I was beyond hurt. It made my abandonment issues much harder to deal with. It was so hard to pick up the pieces of the puzzle in my life. I kept asking myself do they love me or did they love what I did for them. Turns out they loved what I did for them whether it was intentionally or unintentionally.

What I’ve learned from dealing with these people is that they confuse manipulation, materialistic things, and favors with love for me. Although I demonstrated my love for everyone I’ve interacted with, they couldn’t demonstrate their love for me in a way I needed to be loved.

No love lost though, but I had to cut off their access to me while setting healthy boundaries to protect myself from further hurt. I no longer have high expectations of people. I no longer re-respected people who I’ve put in a position to not ever deal with them again. Yes it hurts especially when they’ve made it clear that it was more important to be my enemy than my ally. Most enemies we have usually come from those we’ve helped. Don’t sweat it at all! They did you a favor by giving you fuel to turn your pain to passion.

Often times when we’re faced with pain, we beat ourselves up which only leads to more pain. We’ll drink and party to numb the pain. We say all this, “I wished, I was hardheaded, I could’ve, I should’ve l, etc.” to ourselves. It may be true, but we must believe and realize that we didn’t lose anything. Some of you are probably saying “how is that even possible?” Every loss is not a loss, instead it’s a lesson. And it’s up to you if you want to heed the lesson or not. Now if you refused to heed the lesson then that’s on you. The lesson will keep reappearing in different situations/people until you heed it.

With that being said, look at pain from a different angle. Treat it as a lesson to learn from instead of a loss. Check me out on the Growing Pains For Evolution podcast on Anchor https://anchor.fm/s/7d3096ac/podcast/rss, Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcast. May you be blessed with abundance, prosperity, happiness, and good health.

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