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Great evening my readers. Are you staying safe and warm during the winter or are you enjoying the sun of the tropical? Whatever season you’re in, be grateful for there is always a lesson in it. In my last post titled, Privilege https://growingpains4evolution.blog/2022/11/18/privilege/, I talked very briefly about themes for the year. As promised, this post will be about themes. In your own words, what is a theme to you? Some people say it’s a New Years Resolution. Theme is like an affirmation with intentions you’ve set over your life.

As I’ve stated in my last blog about my theme for 2022 was called, “Self Love”. However, 2022 was part 2 of “Self Love”. Part one was the year 2021 in which I was learning myself and walking away from what no longer served me. It was the year I was forced to love myself without a choice. It was the year I had published my memior which was very raw and hard-core truth. I didn’t sugar coat anything, because I needed to release and let go of whatever was binding me. Of course people looked at me differently upon reading my memior whether that be more understanding or a distortion. It didn’t bother me at all, because they didn’t walk my journey nor endured what I’ve endured. So to each it’s own with their opinions.

I had to continue with my “Self Love” theme into the year of 2022. I was still evolving and learning how to set my boundaries. I’ve learned not to abandon my own ship for other people knowing they wouldn’t do the same for me. This year was the year I was tested greatly on mastering my emotions. I had to really master that skill and train myself that no response/reaction is a powerful response itself. I’ve learned not to feel any type of way when someone tells me no and/or unable to help me, but help the next person of the same request. I’ve learned that whatever people do has nothing to do with me at all. As an empath, I’ve learned to not get myself involved in people’s affairs when it’s a lesson they need to learn. I’ve been able to do the things I love such as reading a book, taking an hour walk in the community, signing, etc. The love for myself has grown stronger. With only one month left in 2022, trust and believe it’ll be finished on a strong note going into 2023 healthy.

What will be my 2023 theme? I sure did came up with a great one with a combination of a few words. My theme: Living life Bold, Fearless, and Unapologetic. Twenty twenty-three (2023) is the year to move wisely. I’ve set the tone for my year and will put in the work.

What was your 2022 theme? Is it continuing from 2021? November and December should be the months to do a good reflection on how your year was. Reflect on what you learned from any obstacles you’ve faced. Reflect on minor and major accomplishments that made you feel good about yourself. Try to document it in a journal (blank notebook is good). Having a journal is a great tool/resource, because it provides insights to your maturity level and growth.

So what’s your theme for 2023? What do you want to accomplish? Remember you are the Co-Creator of your life no matter what you do and don’t do. You want things to happen, then you must be willing to put in the work. If you don’t put in the work, you can’t blame anyone but yourself for how your life turned out. Alright until next time yall be safe and take your life goals seriously. It’s moves to be made that’s for sure. With love and light, Goddess Kamil with a K.


Spring Cleaning Your Goals!

Great Ra’sing Readers! How are each of you are feeling? Hopefully you’re feeling amazing! Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May we express gratitude for life that gives us another day to heal, celebrate, smile, laugh and to do what we want to do. Love and Light!

Have you ever took the time to revisit your goals to see if they are still in alignment with your purpose? Sometimes whether it be intentionally or unintentionally we create goals that we want or think it would make life better. Anyhow it’s important to revisit your goals to see if some have been accomplished, pending, or need to be eliminated.

Where do you put your goals at? Some put them on vision boards. Some write it down on a paper then put it in a goal bowl or box. Some write it down in their planner and/or journal. Either way you should know what works to help you stay on track to accomplish them.

When revisiting your goals, pay close attention to your feelings towards it. Do you still feel passionate about it? If not, why is that goal there? Please don’t say to impress people, you’ll be miserable. It is totally fine to make changes to what you want to see happen in your life as long as you’re in alignment with your purpose.

Sometimes you may find yourself doing something that you didn’t think would be in alignment with your purpose. For example, I applied to be a model. At the time of first applying, I was just signing up for anything to keep me busy and occupied. As I continue to participate in model rehearsals, I realized it was in alignment with my purpose. Model was to help prep me for exposure in other words becoming use to the crowd. This was needed so I can face the crowd when I do my speaking engagements. Speaking engagements are one of my goals as well as being a blogger and podcaster.

With that being said, it’s spring time and it’s time to do some spring cleaning on your goals. It’s the perfect time to get back on track. Love and light!


Keep Winning!

Great Ra’sing Readers! Abundant your rising for you and your family. May your work and intentions be your prayer for good for yourself and your family. May you express gratitude for your life and all the things you have. Smile, laugh, heal, and do whatever your heart desires to make you happy. Love and light!

How is your day going so far? Is the sun shining brightly where you at? You know the sun makes us feel good no matter if it’s cold or raining outside. For the sun to always reveal itself is welcoming. The sun is shining brightly where I’m at even though it’s cold outside. No complaints here. I love the sun.

Today would have been my mother’s 51st birthday. I miss her beautiful smile and laughter which is music to my ears. I haven’t decided how I would like to celebrate her. Honestly, I’m exhausted from a dream download. Her pictures were in my dream as I received a surprise visit from my late grandfather. He told me he loved me and to never forget it. I then woke up feeling good, but exhausted.

When I have dreams, I write them down in my dream book. Why because it’s always a message in it. I did a blog post on dreams. If you haven’t read it here’s the link, https://growingpains4evolution.blog/2022/03/21/dreams/

I want to share this message that no matter what you encounter in life, you’ll always come out as a winner. Loser is not in my vocabulary, because we all know we may have some losses. But what matters is how you process the loss. I process my losses as lessons, because we learn from it. This is the same mindset I apply when doors are closed and/or when people disown me. Instead of getting upset, I’ve learned to accept that not everyone wants to see you win.

Please do not get discouraged. Shake the rejection off and tell yourself “I got this!!” What’s important is that you keep winning even if you haven’t won a medal. This is a different type of winning. You’re having a winning mindset when you’re all about loving and respecting yourself. You are winning when you are learning to control your emotions and how you react to people/situations! You are a WINNER! Feel it and embrace it no matter your flaws!

And speaking of flaws, that will be the topic tomorrow. I was gone talk about it today, but let’s focus on winning!! When you are winning in having a peaceful and fulfilling life, trust and believe people will become attracted to your aura. So make sure you have your healthy boundaries in place to protect you.

With that being said my readers, I challenge you to take on a winning mindset! Let it have you in awe of yourself. After all you are the co-creator of your life. Love and light!!



Happy Monday!! It’s a great day today!! Speak with intentions! Let your yes be your yes and your no be your no! Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family! May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! We express gratitude for today, which is another day to celebrate, smile, laugh, heal and so much more! Love and light!!!

How was your weekend readers? I hope it was phenomenal, refreshing, rejuvenating, reflecting, peaceful, and/or relaxing. My weekend was great outside of me missing my mother a great deal. Her birthday is this Thursday coming up. I’m going to think of what to do to celebrate her special day with my children. Next month in May will be five years since her ascension. I miss her beautiful smile and laughter.

You see today’s post is about perception. We may have many perceptions about many things. But my main focus is perception of ourselves. It goes hand in hand with knowing our truth. If you haven’t read the blog post, “Know Your Truth”, I encourage you to do so. Here’s the link to read it https://growingpains4evolution.blog/2022/04/22/know-your-truth/

How do you perceive yourself? Do you speak highly of yourself? Do you speak kindly to yourself? I hope you do, because your inner self is listening to you. What you say about yourself will manifest. This is why it’s very important to speak kindly to yourself so you can feel good about yourself. The more you love yourself and speak kindly to yourself, the more you radiate that beautiful glow from within. It’s a beautiful thing.

Another part of perception is do you trust yourself? That’s a big one!! You have to trust and believe in yourself to do whatever your heart desires. Remember the heart knows what the eyes cannot see! That’s deep! When you trust and believe in yourself, you open the door to indefinite possibilities of unlimited abundance. Do you know what that mean? That means the Universe shifts in your favor of the desires of your heart. All you need to do is believe and trust yourself to take that step out on faith. Once you do that, you change the dynamics of your life for GREATNESS!! I feel like dancing, because this is good stuff that I want y’all to have access to!

I feel it in my bones and soul that GREATNESS is arriving for me as I’m preparing myself for my motivational tour, “She’s Living Her Truth”! I’m beyond excited for I know I have the gifts of changing lives and helping people get back to finding themselves. I’m pretty sure y’all already know that from the countless intuitive blogs I write.

With that being said my readers, challenge yourself to change your perception of yourself for the better!! Speak GREATNESS!! You got this! I’m rooting for you! Have a phenomenal day!!


Know Your Truth

It’s the weekend!!!!! Do you look forward to the weekend spending time with family, friends, and pets? Or do you prefer to have alone time with yourself enjoying the peaceful solitude of your home? Whichever you choose, just make sure you make the day count.

Alright let’s get down to abundanting our day for ourselves and our family before diving into this post. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May our gratitude be felt and heard by the universe to be blessed with more abundance. We are grateful for life in which it gives us another day to smile, laugh, heal, and be happy. ASE!

So tell me what do you think the post, “Know Your Truth” is about? Do you think it’s about yourself, your life, etc.? Well let me tell you, it can be a combination of things. But what matters is you being honest with yourself. That’s knowing your truth in addition to living your truth.

It’s not easy acknowledging our truth. It’s quite a challenge, but good for us, because it helps us to grow. Take a look at every aspect of your life and reflect. Be honest with yourself especially when it comes to a particular thing that you don’t want to deal with. Ask yourself how come you don’t want to deal with that thing. What effect does it have on you? Acknowledge it and try to come to terms with it if you can’t get answers.

I always encouraged my clients to get answers when trying to get to the root of the problem. Often I already know the answers, but I don’t share with them until they have the answers. Why? Because if I share with them of the answers without them putting in the work, it will stagnate their growth. How? When they are done working with me, how would they be able to search for answers on their own when they are used to answers given to them? I don’t want them to encounter that roadblock.

When searching for answers it will cause us to look deep within ourselves. At times we may have to reach out to family/friends who may have a clue to the answers we’re looking for. For example I couldn’t understand why my biological mother nor family didn’t get me out of foster care. I’ve been in foster care for 14 years. I needed answers. So I asked several family members and my mother and they shared with me of their struggles. It made me understand and very appreciative of not being in their care. I would have suffered more trauma and they didn’t want that for me. Everything happens for a reason whether we want to accept it or not. But we must come to terms with it.

I acknowledged every aspect of my life. I came to terms with it. If it was something I could change, then I put in the work. If it’s not something I can change, then I change my attitude towards it such as my hearing challenge. It doesn’t make me any less of a person. From there I told myself, “I’m living my truth.” I don’t want any stagnation, because I’ll miss out on opportunities. This goes for all of you!

So with that being said my lovely readers, I challenge you to know and accept your truth. Ask yourself what do you want out of life and take steps to achieve it. Before anything, love yourself!! Have an amazing weekend!


Move In a New Direction

Great Ra’sing Readers! How are you feeling? I feel GREAT! It feels good to come back rejuvenated from my week long vacation with my heartbeats. Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family! May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! We are thankful for life. It’s another day to smile, laugh, and so much more! ASE!

How was everyone’s spring break and/or week from last week? I hope it was relaxing and fun times with family, friends, and pets. During my spring break with my heartbeats I came down with a little cold. The weather is forever changing throwing my body on an emotional roller coaster. One day it’s 70 degrees then the next day it dropped to 30 degrees along with snow. I experienced all four seasons in one week which I’m pretty sure wreck havoc for many. Well that’s New York for me. Can anyone relate?

Today’s topic is about moving in a new direction. I was in deep meditation today where I was reminded by my ancestors to move in a new direction. Often times we may be afraid of change due to the unknown. It’s normal to feel skeptical, unsure, uneasy, etc., because we don’t know what we’re walking into. I come to share that change is good if we think with a positive mindset. Remember we are to see the good in everything if we want life to be good for ourselves and our family. Change come when we need to learn a lesson and/or to see what we need to change about ourselves for the better.

I encouraged you all to welcome change with open arms. Moving in a new direction can mean change jobs/careers, letting people/things that does not have your best interest at heart, anything that is not beneficial for you. Moving in a new direction is saying “greatness is arriving” and many cannot go where you’re going. You are elevating and many cannot have access to you or else your growth will be stagnant. What are you waiting for? If you keep getting so many signs and confirmations that you need to move in a new direction, YOU NEED TO DO IT!! You know the saying to go with the choice that scares you the most? And that’s because that choice will change you! It’s like you unlock a piece of you that has been locked for so long screaming to be free! You’ll be so relieved that you took on the challenge of facing the choice that scares you.

With that being said my lovely readers reflect on your life. See where you need to move in a new direction whether that be a job/career, relationships, home, friendships, etc. Above it all make each day count, because greatness is arriving!!!

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New Beginnings

Happy Tuesday! Let’s set our intentions for today. We abundant our rising for ourselves and our family. May our works be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Today is a great day! How do you feel? I feel good. I look forward to seeing the sun again. Yesterday’s weather was so beautiful and warm. The sun was shining forever so beautifully while melting the snow. I look forward to spring. Spring means new beginnings.

I look forward to seeing butterflies and colorful flowers. This is the time to start planting seeds of different fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, squash, tomatoes. Gardening is very rewarding and therapeutic. While gardening you’re connecting with Mother Earth. Take comfort in feeling the soil of the ground with your feet and hands. Mother Earth is the provider and gives us whatever we need for our body. Let’s have some fun with nature! Whether that’s hiking, riding a bike, roller skating, skate boarding, etc. do it!

What is your new beginnings? Or do you have an idea of what it is? We don’t necessarily have to wait until spring to figure out or plan our new beginnings. You can set intentions now for your beginnings. Once you do, coexist with it as if it’s already happening. I set my intentions on going on a book tour to conduct motivational speaking engagements. I’ve always done speaking engagements, but been out the spotlight for some time. It’s time for me to speak again and reach out to those whose life will be changed.

Take time to reflect about how you want your new beginnings. What do you want to see change? What do you hope to accomplish? Remember you can achieve anything you set your mind on, but you must put in the work to get there. As the book of James in the bible said, “faith without work is dead.” Have an amazing day!

Goddess Kamil with a K