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Finally Free!

Happy Sunday Readers!! I figured I check in before the summer is over. Vacation with my children is almost coming to an end. I’ll be back to blogging full time. Trust me, I do miss blogging and interacting with my readers.

So tell me my readers, how is your summer going? Was you able to take a vacation as well? Are you enjoying the heat and the rain that brings the breeze? I hope your summer is fulfilling. Be sure to make each day count. Always be grateful for the present which is a gift to us to be thankful for life.

I’ve been teaching sign language at a local library for over a month. Tomorrow will be the final class which is game day. I’m truly excited about game day. I’m beyond proud of myself for teaching sign language. It’s a very important skill to have. It is honestly a life skill and I’m honored to teach it to a community that wants to learn.

For so many years I’ve been looking for my passion. I had so many ideas I wanted to fulfilled, but they weren’t my passion. What was the point of fulfilling something that isn’t your passion? I’ve fulfilled so much, but they didn’t fulfill me like I wanted it to. It didn’t motivate me to continue with the project after it was already completed. Don’t get me wrong it was rewarding and I loved seeing the change/difference it created in someone’s life for the better. But something was missing.

I knew I was supposed to go back to being a motivational speaker, but something was missing. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. Then just one day, my hearing was working my nerves. I was experiencing an inflammation in my right ear. The doctor couldn’t figure out what it was. It was nerving. I was tired of taking steroids to slow down the inflammation. I didn’t want to accept the fact I would be losing more of my hearing.

Oh no, I was in straight denial. I was clinging onto wanting to hear my old music, and many sounds that were like a lullaby to my ears. I didn’t bother to take the time out to ask what was my current situation trying to teach me. I was being stubborn and I didn’t want to be bothered with the hearing community because they wouldn’t understand.

After all the crying, I had to force myself to dig deep within. I had to ask myself what was my progressive hearing loss was trying to teach me. I learned it was because of my stubbornness due to so many rejections I’ve faced in this life. And it’s what caused me to be isolated. It made me understood why the deaf community choose to isolate themselves from the hearing community. Yes, they’re stubborn, because they don’t want to face anymore rejections. They’ve had enough. People don’t want to see us for us!

After much thought, I decided to teach sign language to the hearing community. I’m dedicated to bringing awareness about hearing loss and how to better communicate. I had to travel back to my root in which I knew sign language since I was 3 years old. As I sat with my memories as they make their way back to me subconsciously, my family didn’t sign with me. They didn’t take the time to learn sign language. And because of that, I share with my students about the importance of teaching their children sign language. Fostering communication at an early age have many benefits. It increases a child’s vocabularies which increases their reading level. Babies can communicate as early as five months old through sign language. Why wait until your child is 11 months old or older to say their first word. Be proactive in their communication skills. It’ll pay off in the long run.

I’ve now found my passion which is teaching sign language and speaking in sign language. Sometimes you have to go back to your root to find your passion. And sometimes a life and/or health situation have to transpire to get your attention. Now all those ideas I had, I can now incorporate it with sign language. I have sign language game night coming up at the WestSide Tilth Farm. Sign language yoga is in the works. Best part is I’ve been including the hearing community. It’s all about being inclusive which is acceptance all across the board. I’m glad people are reaching out to me to learn this important life skill.

So with that being said, if you’re in a rough spot, ask yourself what is the situation trying to teach you. Humble yourself and take some quiet time for yourself to allow the message to come to you. It may not come right away, but it will when you are ready to receive. Love and light. I’ll be writing again sooner than you know.


Toxic Relationships

Great Ra’sing! How’s everyone doing? It’s Friday and I’m sure many of you are looking forward to the weekend to rest. Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May we continue to express gratitude for life and all the things it have to offer. Love and light! Now list five to ten things you are grateful for.

Let’s talk about toxic relationships. Most people associate toxic relationships with people they interact with. But have you thought about the relationship with yourself? Interesting question right? Everyone should have a relationship with themselves.

Can we all agree that in order for life to be meaningful, we must let go of toxic relationships we have with people? We all have some family members, friends, associates who are toxic. But it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to tolerate the dysfunction. You have to do what’s best for you and your mental health.

Now let’s address the toxic relationships we have with ourselves. This may be an uncomfortable topic for some, but hey you have to face the truth one way or the other. The truth is not always easy to digest, but it does set you free. Toxic relationships with yourself looks like this; calling yourself names (bullying), self doubt, self sabotaging behaviors, insecurities, drugging, abusing alcohol, binge eating, etc.

Whatever your toxic relationship is, address it then ask yourself what was the reason behind the relationship. Then work on a solution to that reason. Maybe the solution is therapy to help you set good habits with yourself. For example I used to binge eating years back. Sometimes I would eat just to be eating and I’m not even hungry. When it came time to address it, I realized it was my coping mechanism to deal with stress. I also realized I was in a trauma mindset, because I was starved as a young girl in foster care. It took me some time to change my relationship for the better with food.

I leave this message with you to release toxic relationships within yourself. How you perceive yourself is how people will perceive you. Always remember to take care of yourself first before anyone, because you need YOU! No one is going to have your back like you have for yourself! Have a great weekend! Love and light!


What About You?

Great Afternoon Readers! How was your day yesterday? I hope it was productive and relaxing. Let’s abundant our day before I dive into this post. Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May we express our gratitude for life so that we may continue to smile, laugh, heal, celebrate and so much more. Love and Light!

I’m sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather. The sun is shining brightly as ever and I’m loving every second of it. Yesterday, I took a walk at Delaware Park. The scenery was so beautiful. I enjoyed hearing the sounds of nature. I also enjoyed a few compliments from people as well as exchanging smiles with others. Overall it was a beautiful experience.

When you spend time with nature, you are relaxed, at ease, and clarity comes to you a whole lot more peacefully. As I’m currently listening to the beautiful sounds of the birds chirping, I think about my journey. It’s okay to outgrow people. And it’s okay for people to be in your life for only a chapter. All that matters is you know what you want. Don’t force people to stay in your life, because you’ve known them for so long and/or you don’t feel like meeting new people.

Take the time to get out and explore whatever resonates with your heart. Stop wasting your time with things and/or anyone that is not beneficial for you. Stop sacrificing yourself for someone thinking that they’ll change for you one day. Let’s face it, you’re not the person they’ll change for. You have to be okay with that. Why stay stuck in a situation-ship that doesn’t foster your growth nor help you to elevate in life?

Check this out, I came across a random post that said something like “the cemetery is the richest place on earth, because it’s where people’s dreams, aspirations and so forth are there.” That was deep. So many of us have dreams and aspirations that we want to pursue, but fear kept us back. Or it may be simply because we’re too busy people pleasing and helping someone else with their dreams. Or it may be because we rely on someone so much that we gave them power over us to think they will help us bring our dreams to fruition. But as soon as they turned your dreams into their own, you’re crushed and decided not to pursue your dreams on your own. Whatever the case may be, you’ve got to hold yourself accountable. Question yourself; “What about me?” Yea what about “you” and your dreams? That’s a serious question to ask yourself.

With all that being said, take time to reflect. Change your mindset and you’ll see everything will start to get better for you. It all starts within you. Only you can hold yourself back. Only you can move forward and strive to the top. Only you are responsible for yourself! Stop waiting until things go right for you, because it’s not until you make some changes in your life. Stop waiting until all your ducks are in order to make some changes in your life. Life is full of uncertainty and it’s forever evolving. Remember time waits for no one. Love and Light!


What Flaws?!

Happy Friday my loyal Readers! May we abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. We are grateful for life. It’s another day to smile, laugh, heal, and do whatever makes us happy. Love and Light!

Yesterday, we talked about winning. The post challenge one to take the initiative to be proactive in their life. I touched on flaws briefly in the post. Winning is not all about obtaining a medal, it’s about having control of your life. Here’s the link if you haven’t read the blog:

Today I’m following up on yesterday’s post with addressing our flaws. Addressing our flaws is a part of winning. Many of us don’t realize that our perception of our flaws is not other people’s perception. In other words what we may think is a flaw to us is not a flaw to the next person.

Sometimes we allow our flaws to hold us back unintentionally. It’s either because we’re not addressing it or we don’t realize it’s a flaw. For me I used to feel like my hearing challenge was a flaw, because there were limitations to the things I couldn’t do such as talking on the phone without a translator. It would be a headache when the translator interrupts my convo to tell me they have to switch me to another translator because they’re getting off of work. However I am grateful for the services they supply.

But back to flaws, we need to learn how to love all of us including our flaws. Flaws are what makes us so unique. Not everything is a flaw, sometimes your gifts are hidden under them until you are ready to embrace and love all of you. There will be times you have to break down your flaws as you grow into a more matured/wiser person. Trust the process. Stay positive and encourage. Don’t let your so called flaws determine/define who you are!!! BE GREAT!!!

Also, the first of the month is approaching. Y’all know what that means?? It’s time to get our affairs in order and be set for the month. Take time to reflect on the month of April. How was that month? Be sure to not bring anything negative from April’s month to May’s month. Check out this link where I talked about the first of the month,

Have a phenomenal weekend. Talk to you again in May the new month full of abundance and new beginnings! I’m excited!!



Happy Monday!! It’s a great day today!! Speak with intentions! Let your yes be your yes and your no be your no! Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family! May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! We express gratitude for today, which is another day to celebrate, smile, laugh, heal and so much more! Love and light!!!

How was your weekend readers? I hope it was phenomenal, refreshing, rejuvenating, reflecting, peaceful, and/or relaxing. My weekend was great outside of me missing my mother a great deal. Her birthday is this Thursday coming up. I’m going to think of what to do to celebrate her special day with my children. Next month in May will be five years since her ascension. I miss her beautiful smile and laughter.

You see today’s post is about perception. We may have many perceptions about many things. But my main focus is perception of ourselves. It goes hand in hand with knowing our truth. If you haven’t read the blog post, “Know Your Truth”, I encourage you to do so. Here’s the link to read it

How do you perceive yourself? Do you speak highly of yourself? Do you speak kindly to yourself? I hope you do, because your inner self is listening to you. What you say about yourself will manifest. This is why it’s very important to speak kindly to yourself so you can feel good about yourself. The more you love yourself and speak kindly to yourself, the more you radiate that beautiful glow from within. It’s a beautiful thing.

Another part of perception is do you trust yourself? That’s a big one!! You have to trust and believe in yourself to do whatever your heart desires. Remember the heart knows what the eyes cannot see! That’s deep! When you trust and believe in yourself, you open the door to indefinite possibilities of unlimited abundance. Do you know what that mean? That means the Universe shifts in your favor of the desires of your heart. All you need to do is believe and trust yourself to take that step out on faith. Once you do that, you change the dynamics of your life for GREATNESS!! I feel like dancing, because this is good stuff that I want y’all to have access to!

I feel it in my bones and soul that GREATNESS is arriving for me as I’m preparing myself for my motivational tour, “She’s Living Her Truth”! I’m beyond excited for I know I have the gifts of changing lives and helping people get back to finding themselves. I’m pretty sure y’all already know that from the countless intuitive blogs I write.

With that being said my readers, challenge yourself to change your perception of yourself for the better!! Speak GREATNESS!! You got this! I’m rooting for you! Have a phenomenal day!!


Know Your Truth

It’s the weekend!!!!! Do you look forward to the weekend spending time with family, friends, and pets? Or do you prefer to have alone time with yourself enjoying the peaceful solitude of your home? Whichever you choose, just make sure you make the day count.

Alright let’s get down to abundanting our day for ourselves and our family before diving into this post. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. May our gratitude be felt and heard by the universe to be blessed with more abundance. We are grateful for life in which it gives us another day to smile, laugh, heal, and be happy. ASE!

So tell me what do you think the post, “Know Your Truth” is about? Do you think it’s about yourself, your life, etc.? Well let me tell you, it can be a combination of things. But what matters is you being honest with yourself. That’s knowing your truth in addition to living your truth.

It’s not easy acknowledging our truth. It’s quite a challenge, but good for us, because it helps us to grow. Take a look at every aspect of your life and reflect. Be honest with yourself especially when it comes to a particular thing that you don’t want to deal with. Ask yourself how come you don’t want to deal with that thing. What effect does it have on you? Acknowledge it and try to come to terms with it if you can’t get answers.

I always encouraged my clients to get answers when trying to get to the root of the problem. Often I already know the answers, but I don’t share with them until they have the answers. Why? Because if I share with them of the answers without them putting in the work, it will stagnate their growth. How? When they are done working with me, how would they be able to search for answers on their own when they are used to answers given to them? I don’t want them to encounter that roadblock.

When searching for answers it will cause us to look deep within ourselves. At times we may have to reach out to family/friends who may have a clue to the answers we’re looking for. For example I couldn’t understand why my biological mother nor family didn’t get me out of foster care. I’ve been in foster care for 14 years. I needed answers. So I asked several family members and my mother and they shared with me of their struggles. It made me understand and very appreciative of not being in their care. I would have suffered more trauma and they didn’t want that for me. Everything happens for a reason whether we want to accept it or not. But we must come to terms with it.

I acknowledged every aspect of my life. I came to terms with it. If it was something I could change, then I put in the work. If it’s not something I can change, then I change my attitude towards it such as my hearing challenge. It doesn’t make me any less of a person. From there I told myself, “I’m living my truth.” I don’t want any stagnation, because I’ll miss out on opportunities. This goes for all of you!

So with that being said my lovely readers, I challenge you to know and accept your truth. Ask yourself what do you want out of life and take steps to achieve it. Before anything, love yourself!! Have an amazing weekend!


Forgive Yourself

Happy Wednesday! It’s another day to embrace our gift of life. It’s another day to do what we didn’t get a chance to do yesterday. May we abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family! Amen!

Have you taken time alone to be in your own company? If so, what is it like? Are you chastising yourself or are you speaking kindly to yourself or maybe both? As for me it was both, but I’m more into complimenting and speaking kindly to myself. I feel more ambitious when I compliment myself. Trust me there were some difficult days that I really had to push myself through. It’s a matter of finding balance in resting between my projects so I don’t become overwhelmed.

Back to sitting in our own company with me, myself, and I. It’s imperative to have conversations with yourself. It’s kinda like talking to yourself. It’s totally normal to hear yourself talk to make sense of things that you sometimes don’t understand. If it don’t make sense in my mind, then I would say it out loud to myself for clarity. Often times I may dwell on it as I search for an intuitive understanding.

Be very careful with how you label and speak to yourself. When we say “my dumb or stupid self this and that”, we are unintentionally defining ourselves for how people to classify us. We are not dumb nor stupid. Forgive yourself for all the negative names you’ve called yourself. Replace them with encouraging words such as amazing, strong, inspiring, etc.

Do some retrospection of how you treated yourself. Write it down in your journal or any kind of notebook. For each hurtful and negative things you’ve done to yourself acknowledge it, forgive yourself, and replace it with something positive. Make a pact with yourself to not ever hurt yourself nor tolerate anyone/anything to hurt you. You are enough and you are amazing! Never forget how unique you are. We’re not created in this world to be alike. The bible said we are “beautifully and wonderfully made”. Each of us have our own identity which is tailored specifically for us no matter how much we tried to be like someone else. Eventually we’ll step outside of the shell to be our authentic self.

I leave this message with you all to take time with yourself. Take time to forgive yourself. Take time to love, respect, and encourage yourself. Take the time to heal and be your authentic self! Abundance, prosperity, happiness, and good health!



Great Ra’sing Readers! Let’s abundant our day for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Amen! How are you on this beautiful day? I hope you are feeling rejuvenated and full of excitement!

Everyday brings new possibilities as well as opportunities to create how you want your day to be. Most importantly do you respect and trust yourself enough to create your day? I do by setting intentions for the day that today is a great day and I’m making things happen. It’s something about telling yourself, “we’re going to make something happen today!” It’s that trust and confidence you have within yourself. And to have that you must respect and love yourself.

Let me ask a deep thought provoking question. How much respect do you have for yourself? How do you conduct yourself around people? You know that saying, “to get respect, you must give respect?” That May be the case, but it’s deeper than that. How you respect yourself determines how a person respects you. So if you don’t have any respect for yourself, how do you think the next person will think of you? They wouldn’t take you seriously and they sure wouldn’t respect you because you don’t respect yourself. Be very careful of people who tried to run all over you and manipulate you.

What you tolerate determines the level of respect you have for yourself. If you’re so comfortable with a person who is comfortable with disrespecting you, then you don’t respect and love yourself. I stress self love so much because love of self will not tolerate anything that is disrespectful to their well-being as an individual. Don’t ever put yourself in a position to re-respect someone who crossed you and left you for dead or to take the fall for anything.

There are many people in our lives that we want to be apart of our story. We failed to realize that they are only a chapter in our lives for a particular season. We tend to hold onto people longer than we should and it stagnant our growth. LET GO!

Self Love is the number one law of self. Self Respect is the second law of self. With that being said, take a moment to reflect all that is going on in your life. Ask yourself if the events and/or person in your life is adding to your life in other words making deposits (positivity, good energy, encouragement, etc) in your life. If they are not, then ask yourself do you love and respect yourself enough to be tolerating the drama/negativity. If you have that much love and respect for yourself, you wouldn’t tolerate the nonsense. You’ll drop the dead weight! I know I dropped many dead weights when I found myself. I hold my self love and self respect in the highest regards! From there I’ve been having positive people in my life who are encouraging, uplifting, and amazing!

Have a great day my Readers! Abundance, prosperity, happiness, and good health!

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Mind, Body, and Soul

Happy Friday!!! Today is a GREAT DAY! Every day is a great day when you set your intentions on it. You have the ability to create your day through your thoughts. May the Universe abundant our rising for ourselves and our family. May our work and intentions be our prayer for good for ourselves and our family. Namaste!

As we approach the weekend, let’s take time to reflect on our mind, body, and soul. It’s a necessity that we do so they are in alignment with each other. Let’s start off with our mind. We need to be mindful of the things we think. In other words when we’re alone, we need to mind our thoughts. You ever hear the saying that “we are what we think?” If your mind is cluttered, chances are your office, home, or any space is cluttered as well. When our mind is at peace, we are usually organized.

A cluttered mind can lead to stress, depression, and anxiety. It’s best to do one thing at a time whether that’s handling a situation, sorting paperwork, etc. Multitasking is sometimes never good. Set each day of the week of what you want to focus on. And focus on only that one thing for the day. You’ll see that you get a whole lot of stuff done than you do when you’re multitasking. Fridays are usually my days to sort any paperwork from the week. I like to be organized, but I do like to be spontaneous because it makes life exciting and full of surprises.

Our body is our temple. We must take good care of it especially if we want to live a long productive life. You are whatever you feed your body. We bloom like a flower when our body is nourished with fruits and vegetables. And it’s at its strongest when we take care of it. The body can heal itself when it is fed with appropriate nutrients. Without the proper nourishment, the body have difficulty doing its job. When this happens, the person develops ailments which can be reversed and/or in remission with a lifestyle change. Lifestyle changes consists of changing eating habits, exercising, drinking plenty of water, etc.

When our mind is in a good state, we make better choices for our body. From there our soul is rejuvenated. Our soul depends on our mind and body to work together to bring out our glow. When we feel good, the soul let it radiates from within us. People around us would recognize our energy and may become attracted to it. Who doesn’t want to turn down good energy? I know I don’t. I love good energy and it makes life worth living.

With that being said, take care of your mind, body, and soul so they can take care of you! Have an amazing weekend!



Happy Friday! How was your day yesterday? Did you “abundant” your day today? Did you set intentions for the day to be great? I hope you did.

Yesterday was a self-love day for me! I took time to admire myself and my beauty. I was loving all of me and the progress of my workouts. It was amazing!

Throughout the day I’ve thought about success which consisted of my many accomplishments. I’ve accomplished a lot and I am still accomplishing small victories. Success does not always come easy. It takes discipline, consistency, and great motivation within yourself. However, having discipline is the greatest skill to have than your other skills. There will be days when you will not have any motivation nor feel like doing anything. But having discipline will get you through those days. It is the most important ingredient for success.

The second most important ingredient of success is to believe in yourself. What’s the purpose of putting in the hard work if you don’t believe in yourself? You have to believe that YOU can succeed anything you put your mind to. Whether it’s making that delicious meal on the cooking tv show, creating a beautiful scrap book, mending a blanket, coming to terms with yourself, etc. Remember you are not created to be like anyone else. You were beautifully and wonderfully made to stand out from the rest.

Love all of YOU and your flaws! It’s important you love your flaws, because facing them is what builds your success! Do you understand that? I don’t think you did so I’m going to repeat it in another way. Not accepting your flaws are the culprit of holding you back from reaching whatever your heart desires. It keeps you bound unable to move forward and be happy/content with your life.

Many don’t understand that your weaknesses which are your flaws is where you would find your greatest strengths!! Embrace the strength to overcome and be successful! To overcome is a major success within yourself to be able to reach greater height success in your life! That’s powerful!! Remember not all successes comes easy, some may come with a battle. But it’s up to you to get up and be determined to fight this battle to earn your reward! And the rewards are bountiful!! It took me more than 18 years to finally be accepting of me!! That’s my greatest success and reward than anything else. Because there are a lot of people who are very successful but not okay with themselves. They put on a front of being happy when they are not. Many do that because they are afraid of what people will say or think of them. We shouldn’t concern ourselves with the things of this world because they don’t have our best interests at heart. Our world is hurting and looking for love without realizing that they must love themselves first. Because if they don’t they will hurt every person who loves them whether it’s intentionally or unintentionally.

Until next the next post, think about success.

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